Still harvesting. Amazing!

I was wrong. I didn’t pick the last of the leaves off my brussel sprout plants the other day. I was just out in the glorious sunshine and thought I should uncover my kale so it can take advantage of the rays.

And I was able to harvest the smallest leaves off the tops of my brussel sprout plants! They’re showing no signs of suffering in this cool weather.

029I can hardly wait for next year when I can have 15 plants instead of 5 because the leaves are still my favorite new leafy green.

I’ve been enjoying them rolled up and thinly sliced in a mixed veggie salad the last several days; purple cabbage, onion, orange pepper, carrot, hemp seeds, black sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, olive oil and blueberry vinegar. YUM.

027And if you’re wondering what that little spot of green is beside the leaves, it’s an actual brussel sprout! 🙂 Obviously way small but still a real brussel sprout! Gee, can you tell I’m excited?

I have another photo with a fork in there too so you can see just how small it is.

032I’m so sad now, they never had a chance to amount to anything worth eating. . . .

I’m going to harvest my kale later today. Who knew I’d be picking anything on October 3rd?? It’s wonderful. And since I have kale in the freezer, I’ll probably make a soup with this batch. If my sister lived closer, she could come and get it but she’s too cheap to drive SO FAR. I’m a whole 20 minutes away! Crazy, eh? Another city entirely, in my opinion, would be ‘so far’.

Her loss 🙂 My gain.

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