Quilts in progress. . . . .

Apr. 30 – The problem I have is that I have A LOT of ideas in my head. My wheels constantly turn. I have to do this. No, I have to do that. Quite often, I’ll abandon one project for another. So, I have several quilts on the go. I thought I’d create a page with pictures of what I’m doing. Keep in mind these are awful pictures! If you read my first post, you know I’m going to improve (really! I will!) as I move forward with this site. Right now I’m attempting to expand the content of this site. I’ll tweak and change as the days go by.


Okay! I only have 3 pictures! I really thought I had more but now that I’m looking through my computer, I can’t find them. It IS time to grab my camera. BTW, I have names for my quilts – cow quilt, cat quilt, frog quilt. I’m sure you can see why.

** I found another picture. This quilt is for a queen-size bed. I began it and then realized how awkward quilts this large can be and have nowhere to lay it out in order to finish. What did I do? Yes. I set it aside. And that’s when the idea of couch size quilts began to form. . . .


** And I found another one! This is for my ex-mother-in-law. I’m still quite fond of her and had the notion to make her a quilt using an old pair of her granddaughter’s pj’s. A big challenge for me is to NOT become attached to everything I make. Because then I just want to keep it all!



May 2 – I took a new picture today of the frog quilt folded up because I wanted to also show the matching pillow. I love throw pillows. I decided to create matching pillows for each quilt I make. I use sturdy snaps on the back for easy removal. I hate throw pillows where you can’t take off the outer fabric and wash it. Eventually they will need a washing!


3 thoughts on “Quilts in progress. . . . .

    • Nooooo, lol. I folded it up and I move it from one place to another when it gets in my way of smaller quilts I have on the go! I really do need to finish it though and think about it from time to time. It’s tough being a procrastinator 🙂

      Actually, I have plans for a custom made sewing table, big enough for a bed sized quilt to be laid out upon. I was using my kitchen floor but with 2 dogs and a cat, it wasn’t working so well! And my knees didn’t like it either.


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