Montreal Canadiens Denim Quilt

May 9, 2015 – I’ve had the idea for this quilt in my head for several months. And that’s where it remained because I didn’t have the t-shirts necessary for it. Until last week when I was fortunate enough to find most of them at a local thrift store! It’s a thrift store I do NOT shop at unless they’re featuring a 50% off sale. My aunt sent me the 6th t-shirt yesterday.

Completely abandoning my current quilting projects (cow and cat), I’ve jumped eagerly into this one. It will be a housewarming gift for my brother. He moves into his new home at the end of June. He’s a fan of the Montreal Canadiens in case you didn’t figure that out. My aunt is as well and I sure wish I had enough t-shirts to make her a quilt!

Step one of adhering the t-shirt fronts to cotton fabric for added sturdiness is done and I’ve begun the process of “framing” them with denim. I have a general plan for the layout but now that I can physically see how much smaller the one t-shirt front is. . . . . I’m stumped. I don’t like it. I really want to use all 5 t-shirts so I’m back to the drawing board in my mind. I could be there for days! I hope that’s not the case however and I’m able to progress quickly instead.

I’ll post pictures as I go. For anyone who might be interested. So far no one is 🙂 And that’s okay! At least I’ll have a “diary” for myself.


May 10 – Well, my plan has been altered. I decided all 5 t-shirts didn’t coordinate enough for my liking. I cut it down to 3 and am pretty pleased. So far. I can easily become dissatisfied again when executing the design of a quilt.

I had major problems yesterday with BOTH of my sewing machines! Since there was NO way they’d develop the same problem on the same day without a common link, I quickly figured out the cause. I had a brilliant idea to switch to a different iron-on adhesive, one with the words ‘ultra hold’ in the name. Sounds like it would be fabulous? Sure does! But let me tell you it wasn’t! It didn’t take long for it to gum up my sewing machines. Talk about an unhappy camper.

I thought I’d be taking one of them in for repairs today. However, I’m unquestionably stubborn and try to do things myself. Why pay someone else when I have a brain and can (maybe) figure it out? I’m hoping I’ve had success after taking the machine, only slightly apart, to “fiddle” with it. I’m going to sew soon to see if all is good again, fingers crossed!

Here’s my new design (the middle of it anyway). I’ve never created a quilt with such a large center panel so I’m sure it will be a valuable learning experience. Just like the adhesive. I know now to stick (ha, ha, no pun was intended; stick. . . adhesive. . . ) with a product if it works!


May 12 – I’ve made slow, but decent, progress with the quilt. Just as I discovered with painting (a living room for instance), the majority of effort is spent in prep work. All the quilts I’ve begun prior to this Montreal Canadiens quilt have been “a little bit here, and a little bit there” so I’ve never really had an understanding of the time it takes. I worked on the MC quilt for most of yesterday and it’s the choosing of the denims, the cutting, the ironing and the deliberating that’s so consuming. The actual sewing seems (okay, I resisted the urge to use “seams”) fairly quick. Until of course I make a mistake and have to remove stitches! Or my machines give me grief. And it happens.

I’m putting things on hold for now. I have another project I must begin! Currently, the size of this quilt is just over 3 feet wide and about 4 and a half feet long. I have to keep in mind my brother is over 6 feet tall. . . . so the quilt needs to accommodate that. But anyway, here are some new pics. Blurry like all the others and one was taken outside, one inside. I never considered for a moment how that would affect the color. A photographer I’m not! You still get the general idea though. I promise a better view of the final product. I’ve decided to make a matching pillow too.


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