Organic Gardening

May 1 – I love gardening! There’s something so wonderful about a tiny seed growing into a huge plant that provides you with food! It’s amazing really. I began gardening over a decade ago when my interest in organic foods was teaching me the importance of “living green”. My boyfriend at the time built lovely raised garden beds for me. He also built me a greenhouse. I had everything. Tomatoes (13 different varieties),  zucchini, green beans, brussel sprouts, lettuces, carrots, purple potatoes, strawberries, the list was extensive. I even had pumpkins! My back yard was my oasis. It nourished my body and my mind.

Fast forward many years and the story is sad. I’m ashamed to admit I allowed that oasis to fall into a shambles. I neglected it. I ignored it. I just plain old stopped going into my back yard. Grass crept up into the raised beds. Raspberry bushes went wild! Dandelions. Weeds. Never mind how my neighbor fell a massive tree from his yard into MY yard while I was at work one day. He took out half my greenhouse! HORRIFYING. This one word summed it up perfectly. I buried my head in the sand and pretended it didn’t exist because the thought of cleaning it up was mind boggling.

However, I’m determined to bring at least part of my back yard back to life this spring! Eventually I want all of it’s glory back. I’ve always been a fan of eating vegetables but since going vegan I eat even more of them. I also juice. Or I should say I’m getting back into that too. I remember how it felt to pick all the ingredients for a salad and be eating it half an hour later. You can’t get fresher (or more nutritious) than that!

Today, several weeks late, I’m going to start some seeds inside. I don’t buy plants. I buy organic seeds. I also harvest seeds from what I grow. I’m too late for things like tomatoes and brussel sprouts but I can begin kale and romaine lettuce and so much more. I’m going to find my basket of seed packets right now (okay, as soon as I publish this). I’m going to take pictures and will post them here later 🙂 Yay.

2:21 pm – So far I’ve managed to find my gardening supplies bin, cut 18 toilet paper rolls in half and prepare several clear, plastic containers (they make fantastic mini greenhouses). I’ve also gone through my seed packets and decided what goes straight into the garden, what goes in planters and what I’m starting inside today. Now I’m stalled because I have to scrounge up a bin I can mix my potting soil in. I was outside and it began to hail and got extremely windy! Naturally I came back inside 🙂

I’ll post a few pics and then off to mix my potting soil I go! I have 111 seed pots to fill, SO exciting. The last picture is of seeds I will plant for the bees. They need their flowers and we need them! I like to do my small part in helping them out although they’re not a good combo with my dogs. Leroy will kill and eat bees if I can’t stop him from doing so. Sometimes he’s not so smart!




May 2 – My seed pots are filled with organic potting soil (from Costco) and are ready for seeds! I have my hastily written list of a general idea of how many seeds of each plant I want. Now I need to sit and refine it.

Leroy came inside to see what I was doing. I had to take a picture with my left hand because my right hand was filthy. I think he figured I had food since I was in the kitchen. He eventually wandered away once he realized no treats would be coming.



May 8 – My seed pots have been outside since yesterday. Everything is a cool weather crop anyway so I figured the chilly nights won’t bother them. A bit of protection is provided by the lids when I put them on. Charlotte was nearby, as she always is when I’m in the yard. It may look like she was staring at the seed pots but her ever present ball was her focus. She’s obsessed with that thing! Leroy was up on the deck. He couldn’t care less about the seed pots! Or Charlotte’s ball 🙂

003 005

May 12 – Most everything has sprouted now and been moved into the back yard for better sun exposure. I’ll be prepping the main garden bed in the next several days so it’s ready for transplanting. I’d planned on carrots, beets and radishes but they should have been started already so I’ll ditch that idea. Organic carrots are inexpensive and easy enough to buy. I’ve never seen organic radishes in the stores I frequent and that’s fine, I don’t love them 🙂 I am sad about the beets though. Organic beets are hard to find and expensive! I wish I had them on a regular basis for juicing. Roasted beets are also very good!


We’ve had some a-May-zingly warm weather so far this month and it’s supposedly going to continue for at least the next week. I can’t confess to being a sun worshipper or even a sun lover but I do appreciate it for gardening, and everything else that requires it! Anything over 25 degrees I find too hot. It’s hard on Leroy as well. In fact, I shaved him some today. He looks goofy but does he know that? And would he even care if he did? He’s got to be cooler. I’ll very likely end up shaving him more. . . . . Charlotte is safe, she has short hair.

May 22 – I transplanted 12 of 25 pea shoots yesterday and am preparing the main garden bed for the rest. I was actually making really good progress until Charlotte decided to join me. She plopped down right where I was busy pulling roots and weeds! She’s so damn cute I can’t ever be mad at her. So I let her be 🙂 I figured the cool dirt felt good for her as it’s a warm 25 degrees today! We’ve been experiencing summer weather long before summer’s even here. Good for the gardens. Bad, bad, bad for the forest fire season.

Charlotte must have realized what I was doing because she eventually stood up and began digging. It would have been great help had she not been throwing dirt right out of the raised bed! I said “Let’s go in and get a treat!”. It’s how I get her “away” without feeling bad, lol.

May 26 – I see now that I either didn’t finish writing on the 22nd or I walked away and forgot to save the rest of my entry because it seems kind of short. Whatever the case, it probably wasn’t that important.

I’m back today to make a note of toilet paper rolls versus peat pots. Both peel away very easily when transplanting to the garden. However, since the toilet paper rolls are basically free, they win. I’ll use nothing but them next year. I’ll just designate an empty box for them and begin saving now. Since I use “green” toilet paper, the rolls are also “green”. Recycled paper, no glue on them. I wouldn’t use Charmin or Purex rolls in my garden on account of the whole organic thing 🙂

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