Uh oh. . . . .

Okay, this is proving to be way more difficult than I’d originally thought. I’ve always been a “just click here and there and figure it out” computer person. I consider myself to be fairly intelligent, lol, and have generally gotten where I needed to go. In the computer world that is.

Shortly after I wrote my first post, I actually Googled “couch quilts”, something I’d never done before. Pinky swear. I was surprised to see that couch quilts already exist. I wanted to write again to apologize to anyone who may take offense at my first post. I honestly did one day think to myself that the term “couch quilt” sounded catchy and I was going to call my quilts couch quilts. I’m not trying to copy anyone. I’m very stubborn that way.

It would be why I’m still having trouble determining the best method for finishing off a quilt. Now I KNOW I can Google it and watch umpteen videos on how to do so but I want my quilts to be 100% me. So far all of my designs are ME and me only. I sit down with a piece of paper and draw out my pattern. OR I design the pattern as I sew each new piece onto a quilt. I want the edges to be finished off by myself as well. . . . . probably stubbornly stupid but I am who I am 🙂

I’m also having a hard time navigating this whole beginning a new site thing. . . . . I have about 10 tabs open right now, all WP, trying to figure out what I’ve done and how it looks. Is it even online?? I have no idea. I guess you could say I’m still totally clueless! It’s fortunate I have the stubborn element going for me because I simply have to succeed!

Totally clueless!

Hi! (If anyone is even reading this :)) I’ve been wanting to create my own website for several years now. I design and make denim quilts. I’d like to share my passion for doing so because, quite frankly, my family has probably grown weary of listening to me. What better place to turn to than the big, old internet?

I call my quilts “couch quilts” because they’re smaller than what you’d put on a typical, queen-size bed. My idea is that everyone has a couch and most everyone likes to cover up from time to time. Why have a unique, one-of-a-kind, homemade quilt in your bedroom where it will rarely be seen by anyone other than yourself? Have one on the couch instead! And then you can enjoy it and use it. I believe the things we own should be enjoyed and used, not hidden away in cupboards, closets and bedrooms.

My sister has her own site and I was recently asking her how she’d gone about it. Her sage and simple advice was “Just go to Word Press”. SO, I did. And I have no clue what I’m doing!! I’m literally fumbling my way around and wondering if this is going to somehow appear online without my knowing it! And I’m realizing the pictures I have are not very good. Awful actually! I need to take more pictures! I need to make more quilts!

Maybe, just maybe, creating this site while I’m woefully unprepared is what I need to finally get that fire lit under me! I will admit I’m a horrid procrastinator. Hence the “for several years now”.

Please bear with me as I figure this out. I promise I’ll get better 🙂 I’m even getting kind of excited and really am feeling motivated. I need to grab my camera. Where’s the best lighting? I should finish the quilt I’m currently working on! Yes, yes indeed. I’m going to move beyond the ‘thinking’ and get to the ‘doing’!!

Post 3 for today!

Well, I have an “About Me” page and also one titled “Quilts in progress” but when I go to them, I can’t figure out how to get back to my posts page! I also can’t tell if I’m actually online with this site. . . . and my posts appear to be out of order (I REALLY hate that). I’m frustrated for sure.

As I sit here, eating my super healthy salad, I realize I want to share more than just my quilts. I adore cooking and since going vegan last year, I’ve done plenty of experimenting. I also make bread with sourdough starter on a regular basis, using a starter I began last year! It’s super cool. At least I think so 🙂 I’d love to share some of my knowledge, be it big or small, with other people who have the same interests.

And now that I wrote that and pondered it for a moment, I understand why I have so many projects on the go! I simply can’t focus on one thing at a time! I’m 45 now and after years and years of trying to change, I know I never will. I think at some point in our lives we need to accept who we are, flaws included! I do believe this site may be all over the page (no pun intended) until I, or while I, decide exactly what to share.