Keep Your Country Clean

Over the past several years I’ve developed a deeper love for vintage items. I suspect it’s due to my dad and all of my grandparents now being gone. And my own advancing age, ha, ha. Somehow, 46 sneaked up on me. It baffles me sometimes 🙂 I don’t feel 46. HOW can I be 46?? My mother was right. Time really does fly!

The younger generation, for the most part (not every one of them), views antique and vintage things as junk. For me, I’m fascinated with the history attached to “old stuff”. Who owned it first? Was it a gift? Why did they get rid of it? Or did a family member carelessly do so? Was there simply no family left to keep it?

I suppose that’s just how it works out sometimes. I have several pieces that are special to me. I don’t have kids though. Once I’m gone, I imagine my things quite possibly could end up in a thrift store. I pray never a landfill!

I made the choice recently, prompted by a severe (and extremely educational) cash flow problem, to sell much of my stuff. It’s been stored away in boxes and bins for eons anyway. What’s the point, right? I’m a pack rat trying to kick the habit of hanging on to everything. It’s difficult, easy and freeing all at the same time!

The other day I was looking for a small drill bit to complete the construction of a mason jar organizer. During my rummaging around I came across a key chain. I’d seen it many times and largely ignored it. It sports a picture of Uncle Ben and I’ve never been a beer drinker.028 I figure it once belonged to my dad, a fan of cerveza 🙂 I thought, “Oh, maybe I’ll sell this after all, surely there’s an Uncle Ben collector out there. I could get five bucks for it. Maybe” and I picked it up.

And decided to keep it! (give me a break, I’m still a pack rat)

I love, love, LOVE what it says on the back. Aside from the awesome Canadian flag, it promotes fighting litter and pollution. 027I have to keep it because I’m highly dedicated to being as environmentally-friendly as I possibly can.

This incident proved to me that we can see something over and over and over again and never give it a lot of consideration and then one day. . . voila! We view it in a whole new light and appreciate it. Being a PR does have advantages 🙂

I actually Googled ‘Uncle Ben beer’ and now that I know the story, this key chain is even cooler. The man behind the beer, made it all happen right here in my home town! AND the beer came out the year I was born!

We have an off leash Ginter’s Park where Uncle Ben’s house once stood. Knowing the history of something is like hitting the jack pot 🙂 For a weirdo like me, lol.

For those of you who can’t make out the blurry photo (sorry, my camera is cheap), it says ‘Please fight litter and pollution, Keep your country clean’.

Wise words to follow!

Super long and boring post :)

I finished season 5 of Drop Dead Diva on Netflix yesterday. While I adore the convenience and low cost of Netflix, I hate it when there are more seasons to come and Netflix doesn’t have them! There’s one more season of DDD but who knows when (or if) it will arrive. In the meantime, I searched for a replacement. It’s always a considerable task because I’ve pretty much seen everything of interest to me.

Grace and Frankie with Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, a Netflix Original complete with cursing, is now on my agenda. I like it when shows are more realistic and we all curse from time to time 🙂 I remember Jane Fonda from her days of aerobics videos and it sure makes me feel old to see how she’s aged. Lily Tomlin too. However, I still enjoy both of them as actresses so I’m sure I’ll continue watching their new show.  It just premiered this month. I wish them great success!

I’ll finish my reusable, denim shopping bag today. Following sunshine for most of May, it seems odd for it to be overcast this morning. But it IS the long weekend after all and didn’t I say the weather always turns for the worse for long weekends? And I’m right!

Anyway, before this post becomes even more long and boring :), I’ll get to the end. The handles and upper band on my shopping bag are so, so sturdy they make the rest of the bag seem flimsy. I have an excellent concept that requires some tweaking. It’s too hard on my sewing machines to sew through up to 10 layers of denim! Yep. Where the handles insert into the band. . . . 10 layers of denim. And it’s my 28 year old Singer that does a better job! That’s one reason why I love vintage stuff. There once was a time when things were built to last.

My aunt, who lives in Victoria, mentioned the other day how she was going to take her old sewing machine somewhere to recycle it. My immediate response was “Nooooooooooo! I want it”. She’ll be here next month for a graduation in the family so I told her to put it in her suitcase (ha, ha, she’s flying). I know she can’t put it in her suitcase. . . . .sniff, sniff. I guess I’ll have to look into the cost of shipping. It would be worth it to me. My grandmother (who’s no longer here) bought it for her (my aunt), so it has history and I’m infatuated that. Brand new from the store. No history. How bland.

It’s like the table my computer is sitting on. I bought it from an employer probably 15 years ago. It’s scratched. It has chips and nicks. Paint is worn off. It’s fabulous! Someone else sat at this table when it was pristine and new. Who? A young wife full of hope for her future? Is she still alive and now old and grey? Why did she get rid of it? Maybe a bachelor owned it. Or a family. How did it get it’s first dent? It’s first scratch? I love wondering about the history of used items. Buy something new today and it’s most likely made in China! I refuse to support their industry. Google “pollution in China” and you’ll have an inkling why.

Okay, okay! My post has run wild. I’ll sign off now! But I will be back tomorrow 🙂