Super long and boring post :)

I finished season 5 of Drop Dead Diva on Netflix yesterday. While I adore the convenience and low cost of Netflix, I hate it when there are more seasons to come and Netflix doesn’t have them! There’s one more season of DDD but who knows when (or if) it will arrive. In┬áthe meantime, I searched for a replacement. It’s always a considerable task because I’ve pretty much seen everything of interest to me.

Grace and Frankie with Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, a Netflix Original complete with cursing, is now on my agenda. I like it when shows are more realistic and we all curse from time to time ­čÖé┬áI remember Jane Fonda from her days of aerobics videos and it sure makes me feel old to see how she’s aged. Lily Tomlin too. However, I still enjoy both of them as actresses so I’m sure I’ll continue watching their new show. ┬áIt just premiered this month. I wish them great success!

I’ll finish my reusable, denim shopping bag today. Following sunshine for most of May, it seems odd for it to be overcast this morning. But it IS the long weekend after all and didn’t I say the weather always turns for the worse for long weekends? And I’m right!

Anyway, before┬áthis post becomes even more long and boring :), I’ll get to the end. The handles and upper band on my shopping bag are so, so sturdy they make the rest of the bag seem flimsy. I have an excellent concept┬áthat requires some tweaking. It’s too hard on my sewing machines to sew through up to 10 layers of denim! Yep. Where the handles insert into the band. . . . 10 layers of denim. And it’s my 28 year old Singer that does a better job!┬áThat’s one reason why I love vintage stuff. There once was a time when things were built to last.

My aunt, who lives in Victoria, mentioned┬áthe other day how she was going to take her old sewing machine somewhere to recycle it. My immediate response was “Nooooooooooo! I want it”. She’ll be here next month for a graduation in the family so I told her to put it in her suitcase (ha, ha, she’s flying). I know she can’t put it in her suitcase. . . . .sniff, sniff. I guess I’ll have to look into the cost of shipping. It would be worth it to me. My grandmother (who’s no longer here) bought it for her (my aunt), so it has history and I’m infatuated that. Brand new from the store. No history. How bland.

It’s like the table my computer is sitting on. I bought it from an employer probably 15 years ago. It’s scratched. It has chips and nicks. Paint is worn off. It’s fabulous! Someone else sat at this table when it was pristine and new. Who? A young wife full of hope for her future? Is she still alive and now old and grey? Why did she get rid of it? Maybe a bachelor owned it. Or a family. How did it get it’s first dent? It’s first scratch? I love wondering about the history of used items. Buy something new┬átoday and it’s most likely made in China! I refuse to support their industry. Google “pollution in China” and you’ll have an inkling why.

Okay, okay! My post has run wild. I’ll sign off now! But I will be back tomorrow ­čÖé


Up with the birds

Five in┬áthe morning seems to be when I wake up once spring is here. I’m not exactly an early bird but if I can’t sleep, I reluctantly get out of my warm and cozy bed. Leroy, my 6 year old long-haired German Shepard mix, is always willing to rise and shine. He’s been out on the deck for a good hour and a half already (speak of the devil, he just came in). Charlotte, my 4 year old Boston Terrier mix, hates getting up early as proven by the lump she currently is under her blanket.

There are advantages┬áto rising early. It’s quiet. No ringing phone. No kids making noise in the neighborhood. The heat of the day has not struck yet. And I can accomplish a lot if I focus.

Yesterday, after a brief fight to keep my computer turned off, I ended up watching Drop Dead Diva (via Netflix) while sewing. As I mentioned previously, the Montreal Canadiens quilt (for my brother) is on hold. I have┬áto was going to design a quilt for my niece who’s turning 18 soon. I decided she won’t appreciate it and now have no clue what to make her, if anything. I worked on a reusable shopping bag instead!

While I have many shopping bags in mind, this is only the 4th one that’s come to fruition (almost). I’ve run out of the lighter denim and have to scour my inventory for a precise match. Handles and a band around the top are all that needs doing. It will be one of my own bags, not one to sell because I like the recycling theme and the super, cool pocket is from an old pair of my jeans ­čÖé




Technology Free Tuesday

I┬átried this earlier in the year and, like most resolutions, I ended up forgetting about it. That would be my attempt to leave my computer alone for an entire day once or twice a week! It’s a crazy world filled with gizmos and gadgets. Apparently no one can survive without their cell phone! Or iPad. Or tablet. Or whatever they’re called. I only ever had the most basic cell phone. I gave it up over a year ago and I missed it initially but now hardly ever consider it.

Nothing drives me more nuts than┬áthe constant sight of people on their cell phones; in restaurants, walking down the street, while driving! (that one REALLY irks me, I usually yell “Get off your f’n cell phone!” but they don’t notice me),┬áyou name it. I always know when my sister is preoccupied when we talk on the phone. Why can’t anyone disengage from their gadget for two cotton pickin’ minutes in order to give the person they’re speaking to their undivided attention? People. The loved ones in our lives. That’s what’s important.

SO this morning I’m going to try again! After I publish this post, I’m going to turn my computer off. That’ll mean no Netflix and no Drop Dead Diva ­čśŽ I’m addicted to that show but it’s not going anywhere.

I have plenty to do today. Major yard work which includes relocating the toads I uncover. Housework. Organize what I call my Kijiji room (yes, a room filled with stuff to get rid of). Design a denim quilt for my niece (and then I have 16 days to get it made!). Dishes. I could write more but I’m getting overwhelmed. Smaller to-do list equals better chance of completing it.

I’ll be back tomorrow! ­čÖé