Another quilt completed

For me (a life long procrastinator), it’s odd to finish things! I’ve been trying very hard to turn over a new leaf (like every year) and complete my projects from beginning to end. Of course, I have a mountain of work to tackle. My sewing room (and my mind!) is cluttered with half accomplished items.

But if I’m ever going to make money at my craft, I need to get my act together. Passion for what I do isn’t enough. Organization and follow-through are also vital. Don’t misunderstand me, I have finished stuff in the past, it’s just more common not to. I get stuck on how to attach handles, or how to bind an edge, or I simply get bored and move on.

However, just this morning, I finished a second, experimental quilt. And when I was done, I had to stop and think, “Am I REALLY done? Or is there something I’m forgetting?”. It felt weird because I’m so accustomed to abandoning items mid-way in favor of newer, “more exciting” ideas.

This second, denim quilt began as another one for my dog, Charlotte. It quickly became too large so I changed it into a quilt for myself, with the intention of her being allowed to lay on it also. Normally she’s restricted to her own blanket(s). For those of you who have indoor dogs, you’re probably well aware of how many you can go through. I’ve always had blankets (or sheets) on my couch to keep the dogs off the actual upholstery. Certain fabrics and dog hair do NOT mix!

It’s one reason why I love denim. Dog hair can easily be shaken off of it. And it’s durable, also good for dogs.

I purposely designed this quilt to be long and narrow, for use on a couch. . . . it’s why I named my WordPress blog CouchQuilts. I don’t want my quilts to be stored away in a closet and most people have a couch. And most people lay on their couch from time to time. . . . do you see where I’m going with this? Simply put, I’d like for my quilts to be out and enjoyed.

Rather than posting pictures here, I’m going to do something insanely clever (ha ha! just kidding) and include a link to my Facebook page. It’s strictly for my denim, no other topics like I have on this blog. If you’re feeling adventurous, please go and have a look 🙂

If I’m not mistaken (and I very well may be!), you would go into ‘Photos’ and then ‘Albums’. Or my last post is ‘Dog Blanket Number 2’ and it will be right there at the top of my timeline? I haven’t had this FB page for long (hence the 9 likes :)) and I have plenty to learn!




I was able to plug my sewing machine in the other day after all.

Leroy moved from the floor004 to the top of the old, wooden chest he was laying by. I could finally reach the outlet without waking him from his beauty sleep.


The chest is under one of the windows in my living room turned sewing room. It’s there for the dogs actually! They like to look out the window, especially when I’m deserting (that’s what they’d say if they could talk) them on a hot day and leaving them safely at home.

This Tigger quilt is the first one I’ve done with denim that isn’t blue and I like it.


The quandary I’m in now is how big? I’m toying with the idea of a baby/toddler size quilt. Or do I go with a couch size quilt? Black and grey could be difficult to coordinate with a baby’s nursery and is definitely more geared toward a boy. A couch quilt doesn’t necessarily need to match a living room’s decor. It’s just something you cover up with when it’s chilly.

Decisions, decisions.

I did place my sewing table in a different position.

028Leroy being in the way shouldn’t be a problem again. I’m also trying to get better natural daylight which may sound odd being summer and all but my trees create an awful lot of shade. Despite shorter days, winter is the best time for sewing without lamps.