Cross promotion

I have a love-hate relationship with today’s technology.

While it undeniably has numerous advantages, it drives me crazy how focused dependent on it so many of us have become. I remember the days when it barely existed (no cell phones, no internet, VCR’s instead of PVR’s, vinyl record players, radar detectors but no GPS, etc. AND we all survived!).

When I’m out in public, whether it’s a shopping mall, a restaurant, or the park, and I see people with their heads down, intent on that tiny screen, oblivious to the world around them, I want to scream. Pay attention to the person across from you! Pay attention to the sunset! Just. Pay. Attention. To life. And that’s the hate part.

My 13 year old niece is glued to her cell phone whenever I see her. I’ve tried to tell her how living, breathing people are more important than a gadget. But she’s 13. She doesn’t get it. She hasn’t lost a vital family member yet (and hopefully won’t for a long, long time) so she has no idea how special loved ones are. I’m nearing the ripe, old age of 50, so I do know. I’ve lost my dad and all of my grandparents. I understand how fragile life is.

There’s no way I can pass that wisdom on to my nieces, they’ll learn it sooner or later on their own. In the meantime, because they’re not my kids to tell them, “Put your damn phone down” and because my brother is just as bad, I get to see the tops of their heads.

As for my fondness of technology, I’m grateful to the world it opens up for everyone. Keeping in touch with family and friends has never been easier. Skype. FaceTime. Home-based businesses can offer their products to potential buyers thousands of miles away. If you want a recipe or tips on gardening, you can find it online. You can take a photo, or a recording, of your baby girl teetering her first steps and send it to grandma seconds later.

Yes, technology is wonderful. When you know how to use it and limit it.

I’m definitely a fledgling in the ‘using it’ department. Before I acquired my first computer, in 2005, I had practically zero knowledge of how to use one. Everything I know is from trial and error. For what my needs are, I manage well enough. Google. Netflix. Email. Facebook. WordPress. That’s pretty much been it.

But now my needs are changing. I want to sell my denim products. Not world wide. I’ll be happy just to begin with local sales. I have to start somewhere, right? And smaller is less intimidating.

Instagram. Twitter. Tumblr. Flickr. LinkedIn. Periscope. HootSuite. Pinterest.  The list goes on! There’s so much to learn, so many ways for exposure, and it can be overwhelming.

Luckily, I’m a ‘teach myself’ kind of person and research is amazingly easy these days, right there at my fingertips. So that’s what I’m doing and will keep doing. It’s how I discovered cross promotion and I’m attempting it on a very minor level 🙂

Here’s a link to my Facebook page, for anyone who wants a strictly denim view of my life. I’d like to make a special request as well. If you do travel over to my FB page, please leave a comment, there’s a designated section for it on the left hand side; Visitor Posts. Another thing I’ve discovered is although ‘views’ and ‘likes’ are good, commentary is even better. No pressure however, I just figure it never hurts to ask. I do believe you’ll have to check out the timeline for my page, as the link I’m providing takes you to my photo albums. I could be wrong, I’m very new to this.

I’ll also include a link to just one of the numerous articles that’ll help you, if you need it like I do, begin navigating all those social media platforms. ** Oddly enough, and I thought I should mention it, this second link appears in my draft but when I choose ‘preview’, it appears as a blue line, only if I move my cursor over it.

Hopefully, once I publish this post, the problem goes away. . . . I guess I’ll find out.

Top 52 Social Media Platforms Every Marketer Should Know




2 thoughts on “Cross promotion

  1. I’m going to comment on my own post! I have no idea what happened to make the second link appear only as a blue line and ONLY if I move my cursor over it. . . . for draft after draft and preview after preview it was fine. Go figure! I guess it’s one more thing I need to learn 🙂 I apologize!


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