Organic? Yes!

I was thinking last night, because I do that sometimes 🙂 and a question occurred to me. One that I’d ask people who don’t purchase, or grow, organic food. Whenever I’m grocery shopping, I often look in the buggies of other shoppers. I see zero, some or all organics and I’m curious as to what their reasons are. A huge thumbs up to fellow supporters of organics!

images (63)

I suppose there are 4 categories of people who don’t buy organics; those that simply never consider it and are completely neutral, those that feel it’s unnecessary, those that dismiss it due only to cost and those that downright disagree with it. As with most any subject, there will always be individuals who vehemently deny the value of something.

But here’s a question (or two). Would they spray Windex (I only thought of this because it’s blue and noticeable, imagine another cleaner if you want) on their food and then eat it? Would you? Of course not! Why then is it okay for food to be sprayed, although out of sight, with toxic fertilizers (biosolids aka sewage sludge!), pesticides and such?

This is how most conventional food is grown. Never mind the typically genetically modified, pre-treated seeds and nutrient depleted soil. I despair especially for babies and children who consume conventional food, their bodies are so small and definitely more susceptible to harm.images (53)

Now, I will never claim organic is perfect. Every industry has flaws. However, you’re far better off purchasing organic as much as you can. So is the planet and every living creature upon it (bees, for example, are dying because of pesticides). At least begin with the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen.

Home gardening is also another wonderful option and can be as basic as window boxes if that’s all you can manage. Indoor sprouting is great too for those micro greens. Using a neighbor’s back yard. Containers. So many ways. And then you can control what gets sprayed, or not, on your produce.

Although easy enough to Google yourself, here are some quick links to the Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen. If you’re just starting the journey to becoming organic, this is a good place to begin. I also recommend doing the research. I’ve done mine over the years and it’s why I’m 100% confident in advocating an organic lifestyle. There was a time when I didn’t have a clue! I’m so glad I now do 🙂


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