I’m ba-ack :)

I will admit I’ve been neglectful of my blog for the past couple of months. November was the last time I published a post. Then the Christmas holidays came and along with them every excuse to put off the things I should’ve been tending to.

A new follower yesterday prompted my return. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy writing on here, even if I’m the only one being entertained 🙂 I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is finding 2016 happy, healthy and productive.

Personally, I’m off to a slow start with new, but interesting, distractions. I created a Facebook page for my denim, as well as another for a small group of Etsy rebels. I’ll explain that one a different day!

Until very recently it hadn’t occurred to me that I could have a FB page for my denim quilts. Why is it something can literally be under our nose and we don’t see it? I’ve had a personal FB page since 2007. My sister has a business FB page. . . . no, wait, she LINKS to her Word Press page via Facebook. No! It is a FB page! (Lisa Hickey Angel Therapy Practitioner). She has, or had, I don’t know, a WP page for her healing touch, massages, facials, etc. It’s hard to keep track! (She’ll be impressed with how I just “explained” that).

There are so many ways to “exhibit” oneself on the internet and I’m not exactly savvy. Yet.

It dawned on me 2 weeks ago that I could have a FB page for my denim. SO, I’ve been fiddling with that (3D – Delightful Denim Designs, a name chosen only because I couldn’t have the one I was after) and many other pursuits, one of them being the burning need to ditch my procrastinating ways. It simply doesn’t suit me anymore. Okay, okay, it never really did.

It was interesting to read my last entry, I was having so much trouble with expecting perfection from myself. I’d just begun using affirming Post-It notes and positive inner dialogue. Well, let me tell you something.

I’m so over it! Those Post-It notes were very short lived! I now know I’ll never be perfect. I’m human, not a precisely programmed machine. I can only do my best and I can feel good about myself for it. I’m okay with that. End of story.

I really think it goes back to another, much earlier post where I wrote about gratitude, about being thankful for all I have, even a leaky hot water tank! Which, by the way, burst at 6 a.m. one morning, an hour before I was to leave home. The timing couldn’t have been better. I heard it the moment water began gushing all over the laundry room. I immediately turned the main supply off, threw down a mass of handy, dandy dog towels and carried on with my day. When I arrived home that afternoon, I had someone come and completely remove the tank! And I haven’t had one since. All winter, I’ve been heating water for bathing and doing dishes on my wood stove. And I’m THANKFUL.

Because I still have hot water. Fresh water. Clean water. Running water. Many people don’t.

When I find myself complaining, or disliking something, about myself or a situation I’m in, I remind myself how LUCKY I am to be living in a First World country. Period. I have no right to complain about anything. I’m lucky. Even if I have to eat rice for 6 days because I’m low on groceries. Even if I have a hole in the knee of my pants. Or a flat tire on my car. I hate my rapidly graying hair. SO? Color it! Or shut up about it. At least I have hair. It doesn’t matter what. It’s all trivial when compared to people who experience true horrors.

I’m also discovering I’m developing a low tolerance for other people who complain. A woman hates her saggy chest. BIG DEAL. She hasn’t lost her breasts to cancer. She has cellulite on her legs. Who cares? She HAS legs, she can walk, run, get around on her own. My 13 year old niece doesn’t eat her Kraft Dinner (crap in my opinion) because it doesn’t taste good. I want to smack her for being ungrateful, for not understanding how fortunate she is to have ANY food. Boo hoo, it rained on my wedding day. Oh no, my cell phone is broken. Nope. No patience for it. We are lucky, so, so very lucky.

Embrace what you have, forget about what you don’t and be thankful.

I’m looking forward to this year. To a bigger garden. To finally selling my quilts. To resuming regular hiking with my dogs. To finding new friends who share common interests. To everything. Life is good.


2 thoughts on “I’m ba-ack :)

  1. Love it. Keep posting. Others who care about the same things read your blogs. You’re not alone in this digital universe. I just smiled by this post thinking, “I can surely relate to that.” Enjoy 2016!

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