Find gratitude in everything!

I try not to complain. It’s something I’m learning as I get older. I try to be consciously grateful for all that I have, for the simple fact that I’m alive and can move of my own free will.

But like most everyone, I do find myself disliking the weather from time to time. Or maybe I have a bad hair day and am unhappy about that. I wish I could lose 20 pounds. My hot water tank has been leaking for over a year. I might run out of firewood this winter.

I could probably write a pretty lengthy list of “negatives” in my life right now. And then I remember, MAKE myself remember, I have nothing to be moaning about!

Really, truly, absolutely nothing.

I have a warm bed to sleep in each night. I have clean clothes. Needing to lose 20 pounds. . . . means I’m not starving. I didn’t just lose a child to cancer. My home wasn’t washed away in a flood. All of my worries are trivial in comparison to what other people are going through.

The horrific events in Paris have made that abundantly clear again, as any tragedy does. I can’t even imagine the destruction and bone-chilling fear that took place. It’s difficult for me to fathom such ugliness, that people are capable of it. I’m going to try even harder to be thankful for what I have, leaky roof, leaky hot water tank and all!

My thoughts are with those in Paris, and around the world, today and in the days to come.

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