Wild Mushrooms

I love mushrooms! But my experience of them has been limited to what I can buy in the grocery store; white, cremini and portabello. This year has been an incredibly bountiful growing season. My brother-in-law just picked the last of the wild blueberries a few days ago. I’m going rosehip picking later today.

Foraging for wild food is new to me and I’m quickly becoming infatuated with it. And when I say foraging I mean really going gung ho. As in having enough of something to last until the following harvest. Sure, I’ve gathered the odd container of blueberries or raspberries and lots of fiddleheads but I never appreciated that I had an opportunity to preserve them for months worth of enjoyment.

I can’t wait for fiddleheads next May. I’m going to fill my freezer with them! I missed them the last 2 years in a row only because I’m chicken for going in the bush alone. My sister has no interest in going with me. Not that she’d be much help if something happened anyway! lol

Now I want to learn about wild mushrooms. I’ve never bothered to educate myself because the fear of ending up with something poisonous stuck in my head.

However, when I spotted this mound of mushrooms in my yard, I decided it’s time to wise up! IF I can eat these mushrooms . . . . I’ll be one happy camper. This thing is the size of a soccer ball!


023024The orange mushrooms are rather odd looking and kind of scare me 🙂 I’ll find out what kind they are. Google is my usual source for information and that’s what I’m doing straight after publishing this post.

If anyone has insight to share, it would be greatly appreciated!


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