Applesauce. . . . again :)

I made vegan, 100% whole grain pancakes today. 006I wanted a treat and that was my choice. I’ve made them before so it’s nothing really new. But I did switch one ingredient for another.

Guess what I used instead of non-dairy milk?

Yes! Applesauce! 🙂

Some of you may be aware I’ve gone apple crazy recently. 029

I made applesauce from the crab apples I picked from my very own tree. Over 20 years I’ve lived here and just now it occurred to me to try applesauce! Duh.

I found two more trees to raid and made MORE applesauce. One last huge pot of apples and I’m done. It’s fabulous to have free applesauce filling my cupboard. 100% organic and I know exactly what’s in it and WHO touched it.

I got to thinking of ways to use applesauce. Even when I did eat pork chops, I never paired them with applesauce like many people do. Eating applesauce on it’s own. . . doable but not my thing, kind of boring. In baking is pretty much it for me. I used it successfully in a scone recipe 024and then had no more ideas.

So I Googled “vegan applesauce desserts” and literally made the first cake recipe I found. And then I made it a second and a third time! It’s that good and so super simple. I even replaced some of the flour for cocoa powder and made a chocolate cake!

I never took pictures, the cakes disappeared too fast. I will say, my fussy sister liked it, so it must be tasty!

Today, because I’m out of non-dairy milk, I attempted pancakes with applesauce. It worked! In my opinion anyway. I’ve gotten used to whole grains and I understand they will never be as fluffy as white flour versions and I don’t care. 007

I avoid white flour. It’s been bleached. It’s been stripped of it’s nutrients and then had them added back in (??). White flour is useless. Evil. We only use it because we believe we have to, that other flours won’t work, we’ve become accustomed to the white stuff.

I know from experience that whole grains CAN replace white flour. And now I also know applesauce can replace non-dairy milk in the case of my scones, chocolate cake and pancakes 🙂 010

It looks like a lot of pancakes but they were small (that fork is for serving so it’s BIG), I piled all of them on the plate for picture taking purposes and I did share.

With my dogs. . . . . .they approved.

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