One of my favorite fruits is apples. Not Granny Smith. Not Macintosh. Gala apples to be specific. If I don’t have them in my fridge for a while, I end up craving them. I love finishing off a meal with a cold, crisp, juicy apple. I want one right now!

I recently made apple sauce using the crab apples from the tree in my front yard. It was the first time I’d ever made apple sauce from crab apples and the results impressed me enough to find someone else’s crab apples to pick although I still have plenty of my own 🙂 007

I’ve gone slightly apple crazy.

For the past several months, organic apples have been hard to come by in the grocery store and when they are there, the price is the highest I’ve ever seen! Over 7 dollars for a 3 pound bag!

All of these free apples have been wonderful to discover for multiple reasons; they’re organic, no packaging, no shipping to get them to me, they’re fresher than anything I’d buy in a store and I’m saving what would otherwise go to waste. And they’re FREE. (I had to mention it again because it’s so awesome). I can eat ’em, juice ’em and make apple sauce galore!

I’m in apple heaven.

I found more than my one, lonely tree to harvest from. Only they weren’t crab apples. While still significantly smaller than store bought, these are much larger than my crab apples.020

I have no idea what variety they are but there are 2 different kinds. One is red and the other is the palest, barest shade of yellow. I was picking the red ones, ignoring the yellow, until a bird flew out of the tree and scared the bejesus out of me. I’m sure the neighbors heard me screech 🙂

I wasn’t sure if there were more birds in the tree, and not wanting to disturb them, I moved on to the other apple tree. The one with the oddly pale apples. I’d assumed they were unripe perhaps. I tasted one to see if it was any good.

And was thrilled with how perfectly delicious it was!! Like OMG delicious!

I’m going back for more later today. Crisp, juicy, sweet. Perfect. BIGGER than my dinky, ‘get-a-cramp-in-my-hand-from-cutting-them-up’ but still lovely crab apples. 032And they have full approval from Charlotte as well 🙂

I can’t ever get away with sneaking an apple around her. She appears magically and waits for her share.

I wish I could identify these ones.

And I wish the person who allowed me to pick them wasn’t selling his house. . . . . Three years I’ve known him and just this year I discovered his apples!!

Observation skills definitely lacking.

024Those two red apples are mine. You can clearly see why I’m so excited about these other apples. If I don’t eat all the yellow ones, they’re going to make the prettiest, sweetest apple sauce.

I’ll pick some for my sister too. She’s lucky if they actually make it to her place! 🙂


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