Crab Apple Sauce is Fabulous!

It’s very uncommon for me to do a post at night but I just made apple sauce and cookies and wanted to share 🙂

As I mentioned a week ago, I finally picked the crab apples in my front yard. Most of them have been in my fridge since then. I didn’t want them going to waste so I made apple sauce earlier. Or started the process anyway by cooking the chopped up apples with some water. Doesn’t look so good though! Blending the cooked, cooled apples helped with that. I always leave the skins on and never use my food mill anymore. A high powered blender obliterates everything into wonderful, silky smoothness.016

I also made cookies in the last hour. Pumpkin currant, very easy and very good. In my vegan opinion.

My sister and her husband have been out of town for 2 weeks and they arrive home tomorrow. I’m picking them up and offered to cook dinner as well. The cookies will be a small treat afterwards.025

I need to get my hands on more crab apples!! I’ll manage about 20 1 cup jars but I like to give some to my brother-in-law and do use it a fair amount in baking. If I can stock my cupboard with enough to get me through to next crab apple season, I’ll be in applesauce heaven 🙂

I’m having some right now and I can say I’ve never really been one to just eat applesauce (how boring!) on it’s own but this is the perfect amount of tartness for me. I’m not a huge fan of sweet.

I wonder though, is it crab apple applesauce? Or crab apple sauce? Crabapple sauce?Crabapple applesauce? lol I DO overthink some times!

3 thoughts on “Crab Apple Sauce is Fabulous!

    • The cookies are usually apple raisin but I when I ran out of raisins and didn’t have apples on hand, I tried pumpkin and currants instead and really can’t say I like one over the other. Both are quite good 🙂 My sister, who is a chocolate lover, may not be thrilled, lol, but her husband will be delighted as he always is with whatever I choose to “throw” their way.

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