Late lunch . . . . early dinner

I remember when I used to eat at fast food restaurants. Being hungry, driving home from work and having some spare money on me, it was so easy to grab a burger and fries. Pull up to a window, order, pay and have whatever I please? No one to witness my gluttony? It was WAY too easy! I’d ignore the fact that it wasn’t good for me and savor the momentary pleasure. Feeling guilty could come later. And it always did.

I’m so thankful those days are behind me!

Vegan or not, I don’t step foot in fast food joints anymore. Aside from the lack of genuinely healthy options, I’ve developed issues with the entire fast food world. In general, the ingredients are cheap. Conventionally grown produce, sprayed with harmful chemicals to resist pests and disease. Antibiotic ridden meat from animals raised on factory farms. Palm oil is everywhere and I’ve learned how devastating that industry has been in regards to deforestation and loss of wildlife, most notably the orangutans.

I won’t support that any longer. I can make whatever I want at home and be so much better off for it.

When McDonald’s, or Burger King, or any fast food place openly brags about the quality of their ingredients, how they care about their customers and urge us to eat there, all I can think about is the hypocrisy. They don’t have concern for us or the animals. Just Google factory farmed chicken (for example) and if what you discover doesn’t make you think seriously about continuing to eat at these places, then you’re choosing denial.

But for a brief moment today, I wanted to at least stop for french fries. I didn’t feel like cooking when I arrived home.

I had to. Or starve 🙂

I had a very late lunch or a very early dinner by eating at 3 p.m,.

What was I able to scrounge up? Vegetables of course! I have lettuce galore and decided upon salad. 012Three types of romaine, baby swiss chard, 1 huge brussel sprout leaf (you can eat them raw too!), red pepper, carrot, onion, cucumber and purple cabbage. My dressing was homemade raspberry vinegar, olive oil and fresh lemon juice. I topped it all off with a generous sprinkling of raw hemp seeds and raw black sesame seeds.

A big bowl of vegan, 3 bean chili 013and I can assure you, I’m now full and satisfied although trying to eliminate that tiny speck of mourning. For the fries I didn’t have 🙂 Old habits sure can cling!

Knowing I nourished my body rather than sending it in the direction of poor health helps with the minute melancholy. If I desperately need dessert, I’ll have to make that as well!

Make sure you eat some veggies today!

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