Brussel sprout leaves and crab apple trees

Yesterday’s first attempt at cooking and eating the leaves off a brussel sprout plant was highly successful! I’m so happy to have another leafy green to add to my list. I didn’t do anything complicated.

I began with sautéing onion and garlic, YUM.004 I probably eat onions every day. I used red palm oil and olive oil since I’m out of butter.

Then I threw in the chopped stems of the leaves. 006

And finally, the leaves themselves.

012The next time, I’ll cook them a bit longer. I wouldn’t say they were tough but they definitely weren’t soft like spinach. The taste isn’t overwhelming, or even prominent. I guess they remind me of kale or collard greens.

Not brussel sprouts 😦

Regardless, fresh from the garden and 100% organic, they’re loaded with nutrients.

015 Sprinkled with hemp seeds.


Now, on to the crab apple tree. I know I said trees but I only have one 🙂 When I was walking to the end of my driveway earlier to retrieve my recycling bin, I looked over at my crab apple tree. I’ve been meaning to harvest the apples for a while now and since I had a handy bin, I decided to get it done.

I have about 30 pounds of crab apples! This is the most I’ve ever gotten as far as I can remember. Way too many for just crab apple jelly, which I haven’t made in a decade!

Charlotte likes them, so she’ll get “a few” and I’ll eat some as well. 020024

But what do I do with all of them? I think I might attempt apple sauce. I’m aware that crab apples are not the kind of apple to make sauce from. However, I’m going to do it! This occurred to me while I was writing and the idea is taking a firm hold. I’m also out of homemade apple sauce so it’s a perfect plan.021

4 thoughts on “Brussel sprout leaves and crab apple trees

    • Hi James. Thanks for your comment. I will admit, once I had them cooked and sitting on my plate, I was hesitant to take the first bite! Only because it was something I’d never had before. I’m so glad I tried them. I hope you like them too 🙂 And even if you don’t, they’re still good for you, lol

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      • Most things in life that are good for me are a tough swallow. When I have veggies growing that I have zero desire for, but provide me with the nutrients that I know I need, I tend to juice the hell out of it so I can better cope. I wonder what brussel greens taste like juiced with apples, ginger, lemon and cucumber?


      • Juicing is awesome! I wonder if I could juice crab apples? I have everything but normal apples and now I want a juice. I’ll let you know how it tastes with brussel sprout leaves.


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