EAT those brussel sprout leaves!

Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons. However, this year, I’m saddened that the cooler weather means gardening is coming to an end. It’s a wonderful luxury to ‘pick and plate’. That’s a term I just came up with 🙂 I’m sure it already exists though.

The other day I was looking at my brussel sprout plants. They’re really not as pathetic as the picture shows, lol. Despite010 beginning them too late, they’re almost hip high and in great health. Any insect problems were early on. But (huge sigh) they won’t produce those lovely, little balls of yumminess. (I adore brussel sprouts!).

I only get to eat them when I’m fortunate enough to find organic ones in the grocery store. Tragically (lol) I haven’t had a single brussel sprout in at least a year and a half!!

I was thinking how the leaves of brussel sprout plants resemble collard greens. It would be a shame for the plants to go to waste. Could the leaves be eaten? Naturally, I Googled it.

And you can eat brussel sprout leaves! Yay! I immediately went and picked some. 006They’re as big as my head and a beautiful, dark green. Even the bug hole-y leaves meet with my approval. I can’t wait to try them for lunch. I’m wondering if I could make some kind of “cabbage” roll. . . . .a new recipe is on the horizon. I can feel it 🙂

Before you toss or compost those brussel sprout plants, consider harvesting the leaves. It’s another way of getting those glorious, nutrient-dense greens!

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