What’s cooking? Come see!

Today is Kitchen Day 🙂 I have the necessary ingredients for soup and pasta sauce.

075Kale, the King of Greens. From my garden. I prefer this variety (Winter Red) over the curly, store bought stuff as it’s way easier to wash. And easier to spot the little critters when they’re munching away!

Check out Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s list of Top 30 Super Foods, you’ll see kale right up there.


077Cauliflower, number 15. Mine is heading south so it’s time to use it!

I hate waste.


Onions, number 29 but still on the list. I’m rarely without. I adore them. Raw in a salad or sandwich, sautéed with mushrooms and tossed into rice, or in most cooked dishes.


Veggie bouillon cubes. I almost always have these on hand as well.

Water, sea salt, pepper, maybe some puréed lima beans and I have a wonderful, healthy soup!

My sauce is just as simple to make. 081

Next year I hope to have tomatoes from my own garden, no more canned! I only use them now because they’re more affordable than buying fresh, organic tomatoes ($4.50 a pound adds up fast!)


Lots of chunky cut mushrooms, peppers and onions (not shown but you know I have) and voila!

Spaghetti sauce without the usual ground beef.

Plus, 5 Super Foods are in there! Even better than the soup 🙂

Okay, now I’m off to the kitchen. I have fresh buns from last night. I have salad fixings. I know what the dinner menu will be. Can hardly wait.

** I will mention, only because I’m rather fussy (that’s my nice word for anal) sometimes, I DID have this post looking so good, each description was beside each picture. . . . .all neat and tidy. Until I saved the draft! And then. . . well, it appears as is. Grrr. I don’t have the inclination to fiddle with it. I’m hungry and need to cook!


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