My lunch for today :)

In my garden, lettuce (4 kinds) and kale have been in abundance for several weeks now. Swiss chard is at the very baby stage. I enjoyed 2 baby cucumbers a while back and then one of my 5 plants died. And another. I figured out why though and take it all as a learning experience. I need to remember to feed certain vegetables!! Cucumbers are one of them.

I was able to enjoy lots of peas right off the vine and then it seemed to stop producing. And now they’re having a second flurry of growth. It’s been so many years since I last had a garden, I can’t recall if that’s what peas do. Regardless, they never make it to the kitchen. Between me and Charlotte (my dog), we devour them where we stand. She’s even learned to steal her own when I’m not looking!

Brussel sprouts, although growing very well, will not produce any actual sprouts.  I didn’t begin them soon enough. Lesson learned! Red Rubin basil (it’s a gorgeous purple and probably why I decided to grow it) is doing great. I’ve been drying the leaves inside because I have no idea what else to do with them. Yeah, purple is likely the ONLY reason I chose it. I’ve never been a basil fan.

An hour ago I picked a 3rd cucumber, larger than the first 2, but probably still not as big as it could have gotten. However, I wanted a cucumber sandwich for lunch 🙂

025It weighed in at a mere 240 grams, plenty enough for a sandwich. And for sharing with Charlotte.

If I’m correct, it was Picolino cucumbers I planted. I also have Muncher cucumber seeds but they’re old, so I believe I left them alone.

Picolino cucumbers grow well (when you feed ’em!), they have smooth, although slightly tougher than Long English, skin, they’re only minimally seedy. 029I’ll definitely grow them next year.

It’s soooo wonderful to pick a vegetable straight from the garden.

  • No packaging
  • No driving to the grocery store
  • Max nutrients (no sitting in the store for days on end)
  • You can grow varieties not available in the grocery stores
  • You control what, if anything, gets sprayed on your food.
  • I’m 100% organic. NO pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, none of that nasty stuff.

I always found gardening to be so rewarding. I wish I’d never gotten out of it and I can say for sure, now that I’m back into it, I’ll never abandon it again!

Today’s sandwich was deeeeelightful. 035Lettuce from my garden, lots of it. Onion, sliced thin, not from my garden. Whole grain, sourdough bun, made last night, toasted to perfection.


Now if only I had another cucumber.

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