Sunday Sewing (No, it’s Monday. Long weekend)

It’s raining steadily. I can’t go outside. I’m too bored for Netflix. I have no plans for cooking or baking. I settled on sewing even though the daylight is rather dim.

And I REALLY am working on my Tigger quilt! 010See! I have proof.

It’s definitely turned out bigger than a baby quilt. It’s not exactly adult sized either.

I might keep it for myself.

I’m also being slightly sidetracked by this little piece of denim I have with 3 dragonflies on it. 007

It’s been hanging around for a long time without any specific destination. Until recently when I decided to make a table runner. And once the notion planted itself. . . . .well, I can’t get rid of it.

I almost got out of bed at 2 this morning to work on it!

The problem I’m having with it, and I might be the only person to even notice!, is the way the grain of the denim is running. I had to cut it at an angle to get a piece with straight edges.

I neglected to realize it would look “wrong” next to additional pieces with the grain running up and down. Now I have to cut all future pieces at an angle. Sounds easy but I already screwed up the first one and I just can’t figure out why! 🙂

So, back to Tigger momentarily. And then another Tigger. Or placemats made with some super, cool, navy blue camoflauge denim. What a perfect gift for a guy!

Or I could finish all the other quilts I have on the go. . . . . there’s five. Six. Maybe seven if I include Charlotte’s blankie, which she was covered by (it’s done except for binding) until the blanket on my love seat apparently became more appealing to her. 014

She IS under there. Snoozing. Lucky dog.


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