Chemicals on your produce

images (53) Good question!

If you don’t already eat organic, maybe it’s time to at least educate yourself about the Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen and go from there.

Of course, those are not the only sites to check out. There are a lot of well-known, knowledgable people who recommend organic foods such as David Suzuki, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Kris Karr.

You’ll even find blogs from those who argue against them. I tend to dismiss those, and  bypassed sharing them, because I’m a true and dedicated believer, and supporter of, the organic movement. I didn’t become one without learning everything I could. And nothing will ever convince me it’s not the wisest choice.

The easiest way to explain it is this. Let’s say I’m holding 2 bunches of broccoliimages (68), one in each hand.

In the left is conventionally-grown, sprayed with various chemicals to ward off bugs and disease, probably from seed also chemically treated. Imagine it.

In the right is organic, no chemical “assistance”, maybe even smaller and not so perfect. Better yet, picked from my own garden where I’m absolutely assured if it’s purity and I’m the only person to ever touch it.  I do admit to being a slight germaphobe at times 🙂

Conventionally-grown has zero appeal for me.

In my view, organic is about the environment as well, not just my own health. Even “a little” in regards to chemical pesticides and fertilizers used in the growing of conventional produce is too much, for the earth, and for me because I’m never just eating one apple or one head of lettuce, it’s year ahead (and behind) of consuming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. A little eventually adds up to a lot.

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