When will people wake up?

It’s very frustrating to take the measures I do to be “green”, to avoid the nasty, cancer causing chemicals so prevalent in this world today, only to have them sprayed right next to my home! I recycle, reduce AND reuse. I buy a minimum of cleaning, bath and body products and try to make sure they’re the best ones available (I’m working on that again!). I eat 100% organic and focus on a whole food, vegan diet. I grown an organic garden from certified organic seeds.

And then I have to watch as my neighbor comes home with a jug of something he attaches to his garden hose.

images (42)I know, without even seeing the label, that it’s not good. He’s the sort who waters his lawn even when there are city wide bans in effect or right after it RAINED. I’ve seen him spraying his lawn before. And I have to bite me tongue.

He’s well aware I think he’s a moron. I mean he is the one, after all, who took out half my greenhouse when he fell a tree in his yard into MY YARD. He’s the kind who drives his truck back and forth, back and forth, over frozen snow in an effort to get rid of it faster than the sun will melt it. He’s also the sort who (when he owned a dog, she’s long passed) would go away for a day or three and leave his dog tied up, without adequate food and water, and no one checking on her. I was always crawling through a hole in the fence to look after her!

What I really wanted to do 15 minutes ago, was say, “Don’t spray that sh-t anywhere near my yard! You toxic, poisonous, chemical wielding idiot”. My dogs often eat the grass along the fence line and the same goes for them that goes for me, no bad stuff! I’m sure my neighbor saw me eyeing him like a hawk because normally when he’s in his yard, I come inside.

When will more people wake up and realize how much we’re damaging the environment with all these conventional products? I l know I once was oblivious but I’ve evolved and gotten wiser. Why do some people remain stupid? 🙂

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