Boring Bedroom Blues

My 18 year old niece is currently in Greece for a 2 week graduation gift from her maternal grandmother. But I was able to snag my 13 year old niece on Tuesday for an afternoon visit. I’m supposed to be painting, and decorating, her bedroom in the new place her dad (my brother) just purchased. We went out and grabbed some paint cards (4! wow!) and also took a stroll through a fabric store where she bypassed, I don’t know, 1,000 different fabrics, with nothing more than an occasional, careless, “Nope, not that one”.

Of course, the main reason I brought her to my home was to view my denim, my flannel, my quilts in progress and everything else. Sadly, any true enthusiasm was all mine as well.

Perhaps it’s just a teenager thing and looking at material is simply too boring (her phone is a definite, annoying addiction) or my niece just isn’t capable of vision. Either way, she didn’t do any sketches of quilt designs. She got hooked on beige and gray for paint colors! Can you say BLAH? And she nixed pretty much every suggestion (I explained repeatedly I was ONLY showing her to demonstrate how there ARE possibilities) except for Winnie the Pooh which earned a lilting “Ohhhhh”.


I’m surprised actually because when I painted her bedroom 2 summers ago, she’d chosen 2 fabulous shades of purple. Her room was transformed from lifeless white to vibrant color. She picked an adorable, little chandelier and those decals that everyone was into.


I was even allowed to make cube shelves for her.


Her mom bought specific bedding to match the room. (no pic) It was a project I was happy to partake in (although I was directed on what I could and couldn’t do) and I was pleased with the outcome. This second bedroom at her dad’s? I’m having trouble getting excited about it. I realize now that my ex-sister-in-law was very likely very instrumental in what my niece “chose” because now that it’s entirely up to her, she has virtually no clue and she won’t let me guide her 😦 What do you do with someone who’s favorite word is no?

She doesn’t understand I HAVE VISION. I wish she would just say, “Do what you want, Auntie” and I guarantee she’d love it! I ain’t no dummy. I wouldn’t do cheap, tacky or childish. She’s 13, she needs fun and sophisticated.

I forgot, she did express interest in having a Montreal Canadiens quilt like the one I’m making for her dad010. . . . . . . .but that would have nothing to do with the design of her bedroom!

She has a trip to Home Depot and Michael’s on her mind. I guess I’ll indulge her and drive all the way to the other side of town the next time I snag her 🙂 Hopefully, matters will improve.

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