The ONLY way to cut peppers!

I love bell peppers. Red, yellow and orange, not so much the green. I learned from Dr. Joel Fuhrman that red peppers are one of the top 30 Super Foods. I eat from the following list as often as I can.

A long while back, I saw a video on Facebook about cutting up peppers. It involved zero waste (of the edible part) and minimal or no mess. I used to get seeds all over the place until I tried this method. It’s awesome! I couldn’t find the link or I would’ve provided it. I’m not attempting credit for this at all. I simply wanted to share 🙂

Wash your pepper(s) of choice. Cut off both ends. The stems pop out on their own or with a little help.



Stand it up and either open it by hand (sometimes it will cooperate nicely) or use a small, paring knife to detach the body from the insides.


Chop or slice as needed and be amazed by the lack of mess and waste! (I HATE FOOD WASTE. Any kind of waste really).


These particular peppers went into a huge pot of vegan spaghetti sauce. I make lots so I can freeze several meal-size jars (remember, NO plastic is best). Be sure to leave ample head space for expansion during freezing. I didn’t for this picture because I’ll be eating it right away.


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