Hand washing vs. using a dishwasher

I’ve never owned a dishwasher. I’ve thought about it often enough over the years with all the cooking and baking I do. I’m always washing dishes. I barely get one mess cleaned up and I’m making another. I’m not complaining though. It’s my choice to be in the kitchen.

I’ve never owned a dishwasher because I can’t sacrifice the cupboard space and I don’t have room for a portable.

However, this doesn’t stop me from dreaming about it. What a luxury it would be! Mess. Into the dishwasher. Wipe the counter. Voila! I’m done and on to some other household task. Or better yet, I’m heading outside to the garden or to the bush for a hike with my dogs.

Yes, it would be lovely. I was imagining it again this morning, while washing dishes of course!, and I began to wonder which was environmentally-friendlier. Naturally, I Googled it and I’m surprised at what I discovered. I honestly didn’t believe I used so much more water than a dishwasher.




So now I ponder the idea. Do I at least purchase a portable? I could make the space if I absolutely had to. Or do I consider the notion more intricately? Sure, a dishwasher wins hands down over doing it yourself but what impact on the environment is the actual manufacturing and inevitable disposal of a dishwasher?

Yep. My mind works in mysterious ways. Where are the parts from? Probably China. I’d be flabbergasted if a dishwasher was made entirely from US or Canadian parts in the US or Canada. There’s a “cost” to all the importing and exporting. How EF are the factories that make dishwashers? What’s the life expectancy of a dishwasher? (on average, 9-10 years) Will it need repairs during it’s lifetime? Can an old dishwasher be recycled? (it depends) And what’s the impact of that? I couldn’t find all the answers.

Everyone has a kitchen sink (no need to buy an expensive dishwasher). Everyone has a simple towel that can be folded and placed on the counter (no need for a plastic drainer). We can learn to be as water efficient as humanly possible. It sounds environmentally-friendlier, no?

Like any other post I’ve published it all comes down to what we want to pay attention to and what we want to ignore. I think I’ll stick with hand washing my dishes for now. I’ll focus on using the barest amount of water because I do shamefully admit, I’m a water fiend (that’s fiend, not friend). In the case of my sister, she HAS a dishwasher, and doesn’t use it. It leaks or something. Well, sister, get it fixed and USE it. 🙂 But then again, it’s old, so maybe it’s not better. . . . . .

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