For dog’s sake!

Summer is here, help keep our loyal, four-legged friends safe and pass this info along.

If you put your hand on the pavement and it’s hot, it’s not a good time to walk your dog. You have shoes on, they don’t and they can’t tell you it’s causing them discomfort or even pain. Dogs sweat mostly through the pads of their feet. Think about it. Walking on hot pavement, or sand, kind of eliminates their ability to cool off.

I learned this little tidbit about dog care the other day when I was searching online for waistband leashes. I prefer hands free walking. I currently use an extra leash looped around my waist with my dogs attached to it with their individual ropes. It works very well as long as they keep the tension firm enough.

I don’t walk my dogs during the peak heat hours because I personally can’t stand it. You’d think it would be a no-brainer for dog owners but I saw someone yesterday, sun blazing high in the sky, jogging down a sidewalk with their dog in tow and could only say to myself, “How brilliant! Exercise your poor dog, who’s wearing a fur coat, on a hot sidewalk!”.

Some people have NO clue.

It’s much like never taking your dog in the car when it’s a warm summer (or spring or fall) day. I can’t comprehend people who do and I always, always leave a nasty note on their windshield! I haven’t yet had to actually call the authorities but I sure would if necessary. I’d probably break a window as well, if help was too long, or too far, away.

Put a winter jacket on. Sit in your vehicle. With the windows rolled up. For 1 minute. It’s brutal. I can’t bear imagining the incredible suffering a dog goes through when left in a hot car. To die. It’s been done. You hear about it on the news. A B.C. woman did it last year. To SIX dogs. And then tried to cover it up.

In my opinion, her punishment was too lenient.

I cried while reading the article contained in the following link. It gives me a very heavy heart. By choice, I avoided the details when this was front page news. I look over at my dogs right now, both having afternoon snoozies, and ache for the people who lost their beloved pets. I would’ve been devastated. And I will never trust my kids (yes, I call them my kids) with a stranger.

As much as I adore taking my dogs everywhere I go, from May to September, I typically leave them safely at home. Even on a rainy or cloudy day, if that sun peeks out for only 5 minutes, it’s TOO hot for the dogs!

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