Happy Canada Day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day whether with friends and family or staying at home for some rest and relaxation. It’s sunny and blue sky here and promising to be 26 degrees. I’m not a heat lover but I’m glad it will be nice for those that are.


An old photo of Leroy 🙂 When he was a puppy (and sometimes even now) he was always stealing stuff from inside and running outside with it. If it resulted in a game of chase, he was happy! I usually grabbed my camera and would then indulge his wishes.

And thinking of Canada reminds me of the various t-shirts I have. My plan has been to make reusable, denim shopping bags but now I’m also considering a quilt. . . . . . decisions, decisions.


Awwww, I just realized I should have made a cheesecake for today!! Strawberries on top. . . . red and white. . . .it would have been perfect for Canada Day. Why do some things only occur to us when it’s too late??

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