I do it for the dogs

I prefer hiking in the bush with my dogs over walking on the pavement. I enjoy the solitude and I’m sure my dogs like it better as well. Charlotte at some points is even allowed off of her leash rope. I have my dogs on 15-25 foot ropes so they can wander more than a 6 foot leash would allow. Leroy (a runner), on the rare occasion, such as when I have meatloaf in my pocket, is set free also. The pleasure they must experience gives me immense pleasure too.

However, when I decide to exercise them at 3 in the morning, we have to stick to the streets. We recently ventured into the bush at 3 in the afternoon. I’m within a 2 minute drive of a very large wooded area riddled with trails.

There’s a pond where Charlotte will swim any distance to get her precious ball. 014

There’s a sand hill Leroy goes crazy for digging in.008007

I really love throwing Charlotte’s ball UP that hill! She’s so obsessed, she goes after it every time and it’s awesome movement for her. 013

I’m often sitting with my bare feet buried in the sand, face turned upward getting a big dose of Vitamin D 🙂 It’s generally a good day out when we go hiking in the bush.

Until the all-terrain vehicles show up.

Although they can clearly see me reining my dogs in so they can pass by, they still try to squeak past rather than wait a whole 20 seconds. They leave us in a cloud of dust and diesel fumes. They’re pampered city boys who aren’t man enough to actually load their toys up and go elsewhere.

Instead, they roar down residential roads, causing noise pollution and aggravation just to ride on trails that all lead back to one another. Covering them by foot is one thing. It takes a while. I don’t understand the lure of basically going around in circles on motorized bikes and 4-wheelers. They go so fast and they’re so loud, they’re missing all the wonders of nature; the birds singing, the sound of the breeze in the tree tops, the feel of the sun warming their skin.

I handled the mosquitoes, the flies and the heat that day but I’ll have to consider going by 7 a.m. The odds are there won’t be any four wheelers around. Hopefully no other people or dogs either!

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