6 months to Christmas!

In local news. . . . . 🙂 just kidding! The search is still on for the man moron imbecile who rode that poor moose though. He faces a fine anywhere from $345 to $100, 000. Of course, he won’t suffer anything significant enough to learn his lesson!

As I mentioned already, it’s 6 months to Christmas (and Leroy’s 7th birthday!). I’m never prepared and always doing things at the last minute even knowing right now I should begin planning what I’m up to. I do believe I’m cooking turkey dinner in my brother’s new place. He will need decorations and such. Yes, I should begin planning.

He has a fancy new table, maybe I’ll make some Christmas place mats! I’m sure I have suitable material around here somewhere. . . . . good idea. It’s going on my list.

And now that I consider the cookies I’m baking today, it makes me realize I have 6 months to find fabulous, vegan sweets recipes to try over and over again before December 25th arrives. Put that on my list too. Too bad my sister and her husband will be in Mexico. I’ll be cooking and baking for true, non-vegans/vegetarians.

Okay, I’m heading to the garden. I’ve been eating mixed greens in my sandwiches for a week or so. It’s great! Organically grown, from garden-to-plate, you can’t get any healthier than that.

Have a fantastic day everyone! 🙂


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