No such thing as “seen it all”, this world is too full of idiots

Now I know why I don’t watch tv!

My mom had it on again this morning and there was a story about some guys (I’ll use that word loosely because I’d sure prefer another one) who chased a moose swimming in the water. In. The. Water.

Yes, they chased it with a boat.

And then one of the guys (aka Major A-hole) actually jumped on to the back of the moose!!

A video was posted on youtube and the authorities are now looking for the offenders. I hope they find them and nail them hard.

What incredible stress that poor moose must have gone through, just minding his own business, trying to cross a body of water and wham! First a boat pursuing him and then some idiot climbing on him. Unbelievable.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve never seen it all and probably never will because someone, somewhere always tops the previous moronic act. What I don’t understand is how they think posting it on the internet is a wise move? But then again, there are many viewers out there who will actually approve, as amazing as that may seem.

Like I said, this world is too full of idiots.

Now, I have to go clear away the outrage and disgust. . . . . . I’ll sew 🙂 And give my dogs each a hug! They are the perfect medicine.

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