Dog Meat Festival

Yes. You read the title for this post correctly. It’s something that occurs in China. I learned this, not by choice, just today. To me, the word ‘festival’ brings forth visions of joy, laughter and merriment. But when you pair it with the words ‘dog meat’, it creates an awful feeling, a sick sense of foreboding.

I don’t live in a bubble (although sometimes I wish I did!). I’m unfortunately aware that in many areas of the world, animals we’d never imagine consuming here in Canada, animals we don’t even have here, are eaten on a regular basis.

I haven’t always been, but am now and for a couple of years or so, a person who absolutely refuses to buy products made in, or food grown in, China. Better late than never I guess!


You only have to go as far as your keyboard to Google ‘pollution in China’

or ‘what not to buy from China’ to understand my reasons. China has caused atrocious damage to their sliver of earth; the water, the soil and the air. All of these are in a horrible state, which of course then wreaks havoc on every living being. China routinely, and I’m sure knowingly, exports unsafe products far and wide.

I won’t support a country that cares so little for itself and then infects the countries it supplies.

What they do, or don’t do, will hurt the rest of the world in one way or another because we’re all connected.

Tainted pet food. Anti-freeze in toothpaste. Lead based paints on children’s toys. Harmful honey. American chicken sent to China for processing and then sent back to America. (I’m still shaking my head over that one). Damaging fishing practices. Poaching of animals such as rhinos and tigers to feed their “need” for traditional medicine.

The list only grows when one keeps researching. Reasons beyond the environment quickly come to light. Poverty level wages. Child labor. Working conditions that cause severe, debilitating illnesses. It’s astounding.

I feel very sorry for the innocents who unwillingly call China their home.

It’s all unacceptable and yet “we” still condone it by continuing to purchase items imported from China.

I stopped buying anything made in China when their pollution of the environment came to my attention. If my sister bothered to read this post, perhaps she’d finally be convinced not to as well. But I know she wouldn’t have made it past the title.

I can’t offer a lot of details. Or any really, except for the fact that they eat dogs in China. I’m sure this isn’t surprising to many people. And horrifying to many others.

My mom, who’s been staying with me for the past few weeks, had the tv on. I don’t watch tv. I never even have tv services hooked up unless my mom is here. She was watching a show that was talking about the dog meat festival in China and whether or not it should end. I made some comment and she said, “They slice the dogs while they’re still alive!”.

I can’t fathom that and I didn’t want to hear any more.

I won’t Google it either.

Just considering it makes my stomach turn. Dogs are some of the most loyal creatures on the planet. They love their humans unconditionally. Eat them? When it’s NOT necessary for that human’s life? How utterly barbaric. And disgusting. No, revolting.

I don’t say this because I’m a vegan. I say this because I’m a dog owner. Dogs simply are not meant to be on a dinner plate. No ifs, ands or buts.

And it’s another reason for me to continue my refusal to support the Chinese industry. In fact, it will make me even more determined not to. While it’s definitely more challenging, it’s NOT impossible.

I’ve compiled a fraction of the articles available on the internet for you if you wish to know more. I do understand not everything can be taken as 100% truth, but there’s definitely enough there to keep me on my “Refuse anything from China” path.

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