Changing my theme again. . . . .

I just changed my theme again. I believe this is the 6th one. I realized, with my previous theme (Big Brother), that unless someone clicked on ‘Leave a comment’, the ‘like’ option wasn’t visible. More often than not, many individuals find it easier to ‘like’ rather than leave a reply. However, if they can’t even see the ‘like’ option, then they don’t do anything and I’m left here thinking, “Where is everybody?” (not really)

So I began searching through all the themes again. This one is Twenty Eleven. All I can see is a ‘Leave a reply’ box. . . . with no option for a simple ‘like’. I don’t understand why every theme doesn’t have a very, in-plain-view, ‘like’ option. Am I missing something? Is it merely because I truly don’t know exactly what I’m doing?

It makes me frown.

But I like everything else so I’ll give it a go for now. I’m sure I’ll change it in the days to come. I had a list of all the themes I preferred. And I can’t find it. I’m famous for writing lists. And losing them. Or forgetting them at home. I always say I need a note pad on a string around my neck. I wonder if that would really work.

Anyway, it’s the second wet, rainy day in a row we’re having. I’m very glad for it although it feels like the sun has been missing for ages. It’s the kind of weather that makes me feel lazy. Or maybe it’s the 2:30 mornings responsible for that. I’m trying to get motivated when all I want to do is snuggle on the couch with Charlotte, my Boston Terrier mix. She LOVES naps and is a willing participant any time, rain or shine 🙂

My tentative plans for this afternoon are centered around my sewing room. I MUST use my sewing machine (or try to), the one that was giving me grief a few weeks ago, the one I’ve ignored ever since. Somehow I think it’s going to be magically repaired! Yeah right!

Whatever your plans are, be safe and have fun!

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