A Tale of Two Toads

My post for today is prompted by something my mother said to me not 25 minutes ago. She’s currently a house guest, so she witnesses many of the things I do when I’m out in my yard and she’s sitting on the porch smoking (BLECH).

I was in the back where my garden beds are. As usual, because I’m still in the process of major weed removal, I have piles of debris here and there. I decided to clean one of them up. It included an old, purple yoga mat I used for kneeling on. I was surprised (not really, I knew there was one somewhere in the garden bed) by the little toad living under it.

I like my toads. Yes, I refer to them as my toads. I look after them.

Naturally, rather than scare this little guy away, I began searching for something to construct a “new” home. My mother asked what I was doing and when I told her, she said, “Jodie, you’re going to have too many toads in your yard”. I just mentally shook my head and thought ‘as if’. She’s aware of my toad situation. She tells me I’m weird. I’ve learned to ignore her.

I made a fantastic shelter for this guy. 006

It’s a simple board with a large rock under it. We wouldn’t want him getting squished now! I hope he stays 🙂 and he probably will. He was living under a yoga mat after all! His new digs (pun intended) are much more desirable. And safer.

Now, onto another toad tale.There’s an old, dresser drawer in one spot of my yard. 007It’s an eyesore, I admit it.

It (the drawer) was supposed to make a journey from my back yard, to my front yard, to the garbage bin. However, when I picked it up one day, there was a toad living under it. So the drawer remained. I placed rocks under it, again, so no one was squished. And I took pictures just now! 009

Little Toad is there! (They’re all either Little Toad or Big Guy. I have trouble telling them apart from each other unless their size and color is vastly different).

Okay, maybe I am weird. Whuteva.

Every evening I put fresh water out for my toads. If I find one (like this morning), I relocate it, leave it alone or shelter it better. I have one I call “Big Guy”. You guessed it. He’s big! And green. He’s cool. I explain to my mom that toads are good for my garden. They come out at night and eats bugs I don’t want. Her reply is typically, “Who cares?!”. My constant and never-changing retort is a resounding, “I DO“.

WHY am I weird because I care about these particular living creatures? I don’t think I am but I can handle being considered so. I won’t ever stop having concern for my toads.

Unique. I’m unique.

Yeah. I like that. It’s not insulting.

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