Soggy Saturday, YAY!

Steady rain. We haven’t had it in a long while. I was surprised when I woke to the pattering sound on my roof. Fantastic. My garden is being well watered and hopefully it will help douse the raging forest fires. I don’t think anyone could complain today about the rain. We really need it.

It also makes a perfect excuse for baking. So that is what I’ll do. Chocolate cake for my mom. More muffins because they always disappear in the blink of an eye. That apple cake I mentioned a couple crazy mornings ago. Raisin coconut cookies. Or peanut butter chocolate chip. My list will grow and shrink depending on how efficient I am 🙂

My original plan had been for browsing the various garage sales in my neighborhood. Perhaps tomorrow. It may be a better time anyway as people are anxious to get rid of stuff in order to avoid packing it up.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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