Let the night hawking end!

Well. Walking at 1:30 a.m. is a bad idea. I learned many things during my jaunt yesterday morning. It’s much darker than 3 a.m.. Sounds odd perhaps but then considering it’s daylight at 4 a.m. in June, July and August, it makes perfect sense. Some dogs are still out. Naturally, they bark as we pass by. People are still up. I can see the glow of their t.v.’s. And it’s kind of creepy. Really kind of creepy. Especially when my dogs suddenly run to the end of their ropes when they see something I don’t can’t.

I have to rearrange my plans again. Night hawking is okay. No, it’s out too. Sleep a few hours. Get up for an hour or so. Sleep a few more hours. Walking at 3 a.m. is best. I like that I can have messy hair. No makeup. Heck, I can be in my p.j’s! And I have been 🙂 I was this morning actually. The birds were beginning to sing. A wonderful cooling breeze was blowing. It was magnificent save for the hard pavement and my dogs tangling their ropes 🙂 You can’t have it all!

I’d like to sew during these early moments of the day but would require several lamps for enough proper lighting. . . . . maybe I’ll bake. I need a new vegan cake recipe. So far all I have is chocolate and lemon coconut. Apple! Yes. I will search for an apple cake recipe and give it a go 🙂 I will eventually post my findings.

Scratch that. I’m going back to bed. I have plenty to do later with making dinner for the family gathering in honor of my niece graduating from high school. I can get back into sewing tomorrow. I’ve been missing it and as always I have numerous projects floating around in my mind!

Have a happy TGIF and a fabulous weekend everyone!

(Sorry about the smileys, sometimes I do use more than I should. Oh well)

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