Let the night hawking begin!

Four and a half hours ago, considering how early I rise in the morning (2:30 a.m.), I decided to attempt an unusual bedtime (8 p.m.).

It failed miserably.

Here I am, wide awake. I just finished peeling 4 pounds of carrots. Beginning preparations for a family dinner this Friday seemed wise. What’s the point in being up if I’m only twiddling my thumbs? I might as well be productive.

So now I’ve altered my plan. I’m staying up! I’ll go to bed at 4 a.m. instead. What a way to mess with my system! It kind of screws my dogs up too but we will all survive 🙂

I do enjoy the middle of the night actually. It’s immensely peaceful. No dogs in the neighborhood barking. No sirens. No traffic driving by too fast. No phone ringing. The only problem is having to tippy-toe around so I don’t disturb my company. It’s typically when I make noise! Cupboards slam as if by magic. Floor boards I didn’t know creaked creak. Running water sounds like a waterfall.

My niece, who recently turned 18, is graduating from high school this Friday. It’s the occasion prompting the family dinner. Everyone is giving her money. I refuse to. It’s so severely impersonal to me. Although I’ve done it in the past, I’ve come to hate, hate, hate it. Unfortunately, it seems to be all the rage nowadays. Why?? I think back to my graduation and I received things like luggage, a sewing machine and a 13″ television (ha, ha, so tiny, eh? I still have it. In my shed. Somewhere). I honestly don’t recall receiving any money. AND IT WAS OKAY.

I could have made my niece a fabulous denim quilt. I could have made her a set of wooden cube shelves since she’ll have a place of her own soon enough. When I contemplate all that I’m capable of making with my own 2 hands, I could have made her so many different things. But valuing something like that isn’t taught to the younger generation. I think it’s incredibly sad. I’m going to earn a frown when I give my niece nothing at all. I’ll put decorations up for her. I’ll cook her dinner. That’s it. Even that won’t be appreciated. Cold, hard cash is what talks. Well, too bad.

Does that make me awful? 🙂 Well, too bad again if it does.

Okay, I’m finished. I’m going for a walk with my mutts in an hour! Charlotte will not be impressed with being woken up but once she sees her collar, she’ll be raring to go.

I’ll leave my theme alone today. . . . . .bye for now!

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