It’s time to get busy! Very, very busy.

Okay. I was hasty when I changed my theme from ‘Adventure Journal’ to ‘Saga’. While I really, really approve of the menu option for ‘Saga’, the rest of the page is rather boring when compared to AJ. Plus, the header, the picture of my dog Leroy, isn’t visible when viewing a post. Um, that’s 90% of the point for me! So of course I experimented with other themes and as predicted, I’ll be making more alterations to my page. I have a list of all the themes to try! 🙂

For most of today, however, I’ll be busy cooking, baking AND sewing. Yes, I have a to-do list. A long one. With company from out of town, my niece graduating from high school and 2 family dinners (where I’m preparing some or all of the food), this week is jam packed. Add to that, my Montreal Canadien loving aunt has requested I finish the denim quilt I’m making for my brother.


She, like my mother and myself, are curious to see his reaction when he receives it. The trick will be in whether or not my sewing machine cooperates.

I’ve already accomplished an early morning walk, very early, as in 3:22. It was lovely except for the weaving back and forth style my dogs decided to move in. On 3 and a half hours of sleep. . . . . let’s just say I was easily aggravated. But I survived and will even do it again tomorrow!

I hope everyone has a fabulous day! See you again soon.

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