So many themes to choose from. . . . .

Yes. This is my second post for today. Sorry.

Yes. I’ve changed my theme again. Not sorry.

This one is Adventure Journal. I chose it because of the picture I was able to use! My dog, Leroy, who has absolutely nothing to do with quilting, vegan food or gardening unless I mention the holes he likes to dig (in my garden) or the beans he likes to eat.

Five years ago I visited Haida Gwaii (formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands). It’s incredible there! I can’t wait for the day I can go back. Leroy was spoiled enough to accompany me. No way was I leaving him behind. Needless to say, he enjoyed many fantastic beach excursions. He also needed frequent nap time as a result. Here, he’s lying in the shade of the Pesuta shipwreck, preparing for a snooze.

After previewing more themes than I can count, I’ve come to a conclusion I will never be able to settle on just one and keep it there! It eventually boggled my mind, all the choices. And I had to stop. I was going to save this new theme for another day but I couldn’t resist once I decided on the picture of Leroy.

NOW, it’s back to preparing for the arrival of my aunt!

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