Changing themes is fun!

I’ve discovered how easily a current theme can be changed!

I’m trying ‘Snaps’ and I’m pleased. It has the simplicity I prefer, while also having a clear menu across the top. But then again, the header is awfully big. Like in your face big. And I do enjoy splashes of color, so I’m sure to experiment with other themes. My content is safe and sound during a transition. Losing it was my biggest worry. Not anymore!

I suppose I could develop an addiction similar to the one my sister has for ‘fonto’. Or is it ‘phonto’? I really have no idea as I’ve never attempted it myself. I just know it’s usually what she’s playing around with when I call her these days. I can tell when she’s not paying attention to what I’m saying and when I ask her what she’s doing, the answer is invariably ‘fonto/phonto’. It’s placing text over photographs.

Bear with me while I go through what probably seems like an identity crisis. I may try 10 different themes and come back to ‘Snaps’, or try 10 other ones and still be undecided. Perhaps not this weekend though as my aunt from beautiful Victoria, B.C. arrives tomorrow and I have tons to get ready! She’s here for a week. I just realized this morning that I could finish my Cat quilt for her sister (my other aunt obviously) and she can take it home with her. It will save me shipping costs 🙂


Oh, it’s going to be a busy seven days! My mom and her LT bf are also here. My 18 year old niece is graduating from high school. Finish the quilt. Tend to the garden. Work. Shop for and prepare a graduation dinner. Take pictures of stuff to put on Kijiji (I’m a pack rat). Walk dogs every morning.

Actually, there’s a good reason I don’t make to-do lists as long as this! It gets overwhelming and fries my brain. I’ll do what I do best instead. Ignore it all 🙂 and go do something not on my list!

Whatever you’re up to over the weekend, I hope you have much fun and plenty of laughs! See you all again soon.

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