To stay or to go?

When I created this site just over a month ago, I literally had no clue what I was doing. Since then, and obviously well before then, I’ve seen many, many blogs. They have archives. They have clear menus across the top. They have “buttons” for this and that. They have options available I don’t know how to activate on my own site.

I chose Lyretail because I liked the simplicity. And it’s free 🙂 Free is always good.

However, I’ve been wanting more for a while because I realized my site is a tad too plain. I hate the drop-down menu no one can probably find. Last night, ignoring the great advice of a previous post, I decided to explore. And I discovered widgets! (still not sure how to do them). I also managed to change my background color (of course you can see that). And I’m tired today!

The dilemma I’m facing now is whether or not to keep exploring and make much needed improvements to what I have or to choose a new theme altogether. I’ve been assured I will not lose my content to date if I do the latter but it’s an intimidating plan for an almost complete ‘don’t-know-it-all’ like me.

I do prefer simplicity, maybe not quite so much of it though. Honestly, I’m annoyed at other sites where I must wait for everything to load before I can begin scrolling. There’s so much stuff on the side. Personally, I don’t want that. I suppose I’m going in the other direction with too many pages and too many topics.

Oh well. It’s a learning process and I’ll get worse, stay the same or possibly become truly appealing 🙂 It doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of life. I’m enjoying myself and that’s priority one. If it ain’t fun, there’s no point in doin’ it!

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