Up before the birds!

Three in the morning is horrendously early but a wonderful hour for walking the dogs. There’s absolutely no one else on the roads, except for the odd toad or two and we leave those guys alone. Although a fantastic breeze was blowing, I was still too warm in my ratty, Roots sweatshirt. It will be short sleeves tomorrow.

My goal today is major sewing room organization. I have additional company arriving this weekend and have also upped my plan for my 18 year old niece to bring her sister as well. I’ll make denim quilts for both of them and designing them together will be a special part of the process. I understand neither is particularly excited at the prospect of receiving a “blanket” but am confident they will appreciate the effort when they’re older. As I’ve aged (sigh), I’ve come to adore the things I once never thought twice about. It’s nice to imagine my nieces one day covering their children up with something I made 🙂

For now, I’m going to attempt a touch more sleep! I hope all of you enjoy whatever this brand new day offers!

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