What to write about?

It was suggested to me recently that I have too many topics on this blog. It’s supposed to be about denim quilting. Perhaps it’s okay to include organic gardening and vegan cooking but then I should stop. Don’t write about my dogs. Don’t make the equivalent of basic “journal entries”. Keep it brief and pertain to the name.

Of course, in my defense, I said, “And more. It’s CouchQuilts and more“. To me, this means I can write about whatever I want 🙂

I’ve been considering this advice and have come to a conclusion. I appreciate advice, especially when it’s wise and well-intentioned. Sometimes I even follow it. In this case however, I’m going to reject it.

Although I can certainly do dumb things, I’m not a dumb person. I’m abundantly aware of the meandering style of my blog. I often write about what interests me that day, or even that moment, and it may only be about the robins nesting in one of my trees. Totally boring. But the beauty of computers is this wonderful ability to hit ‘delete’ or ‘close’ when content doesn’t inspire us to stay. And anyone who reads my blog is free to do as they please. While I hope to have followers who’ll enjoy what they read, I know I will never satisfy everyone and I don’t strive to.

I do this for me. So far I like what I do. Are some entries more captivating? Yes. Are some completely irrelevant? Absolutely. It’s a reader’s choice to read or not 🙂 Simple. I’ve even gotten over the offense I initially felt when my own mother, after I questioned her, admitted she has no interest in my site.

I’ve done it myself when visiting other blogs. Often an entry is just too long. Maybe it’s not my kind of subject matter. And guess what? I go elsewhere. No harm, no foul. The blog author doesn’t know and they still had fun composing their entry.

So there you go. I’m continuing on as I have for the past month. Obviously I’ll write about quilting but I’m also going to write about “much more” 🙂 It’s who I am and I can’t be any other way.

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