Time to cook!

My fridge is generally always quite full even though I’m only feeding one person. Being a vegan, I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I have several jars of raw nuts and seeds. I also store my freshly milled flour collection (kamut, spelt, oat, whole wheat, etc.) in the fridge. Before I learned about milling grains vs. buying flour, I didn’t know flour loses nutrients quickly just like cut produce does. It was another reason to stop buying flour and to invest in a grain mill. I’ve never regretted the decision.

Now that I have company, my fridge is almost, actually, it is overflowing. I have carrots and peppers in a large cooler bag. It’s crazy.


We need to do some eating! Thank goodness I love cooking. My crock pot soup from yesterday was a huge disappointment. I knew I didn’t like using dried beans, they never cook enough to my liking. I blended it smooth and you’d now easily mistake it for thin peanut butter! (It doesn’t taste like pb though). Today I’m revamping the “old” soup into a new one! Completely opposite from my sister, who must follow a recipe, I can create something solely from my little, old noggin 🙂

I’m going to do a bit of baking as well: apple, banana, carrot muffins, ABC for short. Clever, huh? And maybe a vegan chocolate cake that has my non-vegan mother’s seal of approval. If she says it’s good, it is! She’s a hard one to please and most of my vegan endeavors have her wrinkling her nose. I’m often advising her to open her mind. Vegan food can be, and is, amazingly tasty.

I’m off to the kitchen, have fun with whatever you have planned today! See you again soon.

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