It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon. I had a late lunch with my mom, sister and niece who just turned 18. Prior to her birthday, I’d considered making her a quilt but decided against it when I figured she wouldn’t appreciate it. However, I changed my mind. I’m going to involve her in the designing of it. I hate how everyone requests money or gift cards these days. I want my niece to have something full of love and effort, something special, not just cash spent on makeup or the latest fashion. She’ll have this quilt for years to come and she’ll remember having a hand in its creation.

After lunch, I showed her a “frog” quilt (and matching pillow) I’ve almost completed.


I told her if she had old jeans or t-shirts she wanted to donate, I could incorporate them into her quilt in order to make it unique to her. There was plenty of nodding and several ‘uh huh’s but I’m not sure she really understands, or is all that excited about, the concept. My next move will be to invite her to my home so she can explore the myriad of fabrics and denims I have. She can also see the Montreal Canadiens quilt I’m working on for her dad.


Sometimes it helps a person have vision, and can spark an interest, if they can physically look at, and touch, the raw materials used. Plus, it will be a chance to visit with one another 🙂

I’m really looking forward to this particular sewing project.

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