May 30

I sat down this morning with 2 bananas (1 for me, 1 for the dogs) and a bowl of fresh, yummy, juicy cantaloupe (can you tell it’s a fave of mine?). Both my dogs love bananas. It’s the only fruit Leroy will eat actually. Charlotte, on the other hand, eats almost everything in the fruit and veggie department. I decided to answer my own question about just how many bananas would they eat? I had to stop after 5 because it didn’t appear they would although they did slow down. Good grief. Would they have eaten until they were sick? I guess I’ll never know.

We’ve had several serious thunderstorms in the past week. I do believe it’s why Mama Robin is gone. She built her nest during our sunny phase and once the first storm or two hit, she realized her location really was poor. While I no longer have her to worry about, I do worry over my tender garden. Once the sky darkens and the wind begins to whip up, I’m outside covering all the plants I can. A massive downpour, or worse yet, dime-sized hail, would obliterate everything. I have plans for next year that include some sort of removable roofing.

Anyway, my company will be here in 4 hours or so. I better get a move on! I’d rather sit and sew but that won’t get the housework done. I have to also clean the chimney for my woodstove. With the recent rains, the temperatures have cooled as well, and I need a fire to take the chill from the air. I could put socks and a sweater on but I’m usually too lazy to do that. And yet I’ll clean the chimney?? Makes sense doesn’t it?! We all have our quirks 🙂

Bye for now, have a great one!


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