Organic Product Review Numero Uno

Despite being a household of only one, I cook and bake a lot. During the winter months, it can be as much as every day. Spring and summer are considerably less with the garden occupying my time. I absolutely adore trying new and interesting dishes. Like sewing or wood working, it’s just another way to nurture my creativity. I even enjoy making the same old same old 🙂

Over the course of my adult life, my eating habits have evolved to where they are now. And thank goodness for that! I shudder to recall the “low-fat, no-fat” phase I went through. It was definitely not nutritious! My sister and I even traveled to the U.S. for products we couldn’t find here in Canada! Crazy, huh? We were in heaven over fat-free Twinkies and fat-free Cool Whip. I wouldn’t touch them now if you paid me. At least where food is concerned, I HAVE gotten wiser as I’ve gotten older.

Today I aim for whole foods, 100% organic and nutrient dense. Having gone vegan in the last 2 years, I’m eagerly exploring a wide world of new recipes. Seitan. Amazing stuff. Sweet potato and black bean burgers. Yum. Textured soy protein. Oh yes. It’s the focus of my inaugural review.

I’m lucky that the kitchen is a favorite place to be. I can literally be in there for up to 8 hours and be happy (if I ignore the dirty dishes! ugh). Fortunately, my sister and her husband are willing recipients of my efforts or I’d be overrun with food. My freezer can only hold so much. Believe me, I know this for a fact.

Last Saturday, while making a large pot of mixed bean chili, I had a brilliant idea. I make everything I consume (okay, okay, almost everything) from scratch, so I have an extensive pantry. I also eat 100% organic when at home. It took me over a decade to convert every item in my kitchen to organic. It’s a gradual process, simply start with one thing and go from there. Eventually you’d be where I am. I’m a firm believer in, and supporter of, the organic industry. I know many people think, “Pfft, it’s a bunch of hooey”. That’s my fancy word 🙂 But if you do your research, and do it well, you’ll understand.

Anyway, I’m digressing! I use many, many different organic products in my ‘from-scratch’ endeavors. Unless I’ve fallen off the wagon, I rarely buy processed (junk) foods. I thought I could begin a semi-regular product review. Surely even just one or two individuals will find my information useful. And even if no one does, I had fun writing it.

So here goes, my first review. . . . drum roll, please (jk)


NOW Real Food Certified Organic Textured Soy Protein Granules

I’ve only used this for chilies (black bean and mixed bean) so far and really enjoy it.

  1. it picks up the flavors of the dish you cook it in
  2. it’s suitable for vegetarians/vegans
  3. it’s ONE ingredient (no chemical additives)
  4. it’s an excellent source of protein
  5. it’s very easy to use
  6. it’s non-GMO (all organic stuff is actually)

I haven’t always been a vegan and I’m certainly not telling anyone else to be. It’s just healthier to eat a predominantly plant-based diet. If you’re skeptical about trying this product, I’d recommend using it in something like a chili to begin with. I don’t pre-soak the granules as the package says to although I did the first time. After that, I realized the liquid in the chili was sufficient enough.

I’ve also used this product in nugget form (I can’t get it anymore or I’d still be using it). I made a fantasic “chicken” stew over mashed potatoes. Don’t be afraid to give the nuggets a try too!

Okay, I’m done. I think I did a fairly quick and simple review. I suppose I could be wrong 🙂 If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer! Now I’m off to prepare for my company that’s arriving tomorrow! Yikes. I won’t be cooking today but roasted cauliflower soup and ginger carrot soup are on my very-soon-to-do list!

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