Good plan

The mosquitoes are much less active almost nonexistent early in the morning. I was out at 6 a.m. to see if I could achieve more than yesterday’s 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there. At one point I counted over a dozen mosquitoes on one forearm alone! Never mind the ones buzzing around, and landing on, my head and every other exposed inch of skin. It was maddening.

However, my plan to be out as soon as I woke up today worked. I was able to putter away for an entire 45 minutes bothered by perhaps a half dozen mosquitoes total. What a difference! Then it was time to wash the dog’s feet (dewy grass + dirt = filthy paws) and come in for breakfast. I’m a big believer in the first meal of the day. Are you? You should be 🙂

On the sewing front, I’m still finishing up the organization of all my denim. I need another clothing rack. Four years ago, when I developed this grand idea of making quilts, I bought 3 metal racks from Canadian Tire. They’re functional but will bow if I burden them too much. I realized I can build a better, stronger (very weird, I wanted italics but it made the word disappear unless I used bold also) rack out of 2 x 4’s! If only I’d thought of it 4 years ago! I would have saved over a hundred dollars! Ah, well, at least I will save now. I have all the supplies necessary except maybe for some screws. I have to place this project at the very top of my to-do list! Er, okay, right after completing the garden. . . . . 🙂 It’s so easy for me to get distracted. Haven’t I said it before? Focus, Jodie, focus.

And I have company arriving in 2 days. Yikes. Maybe I should write that to-do list on actual paper rather than having it in my head. I tend to forget what really needs to be done when I’d much prefer doing things I enjoy. Being a major procrastinator doesn’t help matters!

Alright, I’ll make that list as soon as I publish this post. Have a happy Tuesday everyone! Come back tomorrow for my very first product review. I know. I know. You can barely wait. It will be so riveting (ha ha).

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