May 25th. . . . 7 months to Christmas!

Good morning! I’m going to make this post a quick one! Often I sit here for half an hour or more when I’m composing what I’d like to write. But I have too many things to get going on and little time for this today.

We had a couple thunderstorms over Saturday and Sunday, the second one quite harsh and it would’ve demolished my tender seedlings in the garden had I not been able to cover them all with various clear containers. It reminded me of a hail storm we had years ago. I came home from work and found my garden literally in shreds. It was very upsetting. Everything bounced back though!

I still have several piles of denim all over my sewing room but the resulting organization of placing dozens of pairs of jeans in the proper spot feels good. I’ll begin sewing again once I’m totally done. I’ve decided to finish the Montreal Canadiens denim quilt I’m making for my brother. As long as my sewing machines cooperate!

This is what I have so far, it’s roughly 3 feet by 4 feet. My brother is tall so I have a fair amount of work yet to do. I’m looking forward to his reaction when he gets it.


Yesterday I had this wonderful idea to review different organic food products I use. I cook and bake frequently (always from scratch) so I have an extensive pantry. It occurred to me that I actually have some knowledge worth sharing! 🙂 Keep posted for my first review later this week.

For now, I’m signing off. I managed NO computer only until 3 p.m. yesterday. . . . pretty good but not perfect. It’s difficult because I also watch “tv” on my computer (Netflix). When I’m sitting at my sewing table cutting up jeans (or working on a quilt), I like to have my current favorite tv show on, Damages with Glenn Close. I’m missing Downton Abbey and look forward to the arrival of season 5. Come on Netflix! Get it!

Okay, seriously, good bye now 🙂 Have a fantastic day everyone!

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